E3 2015: Hands-On with Eitr

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Slow and methodical are the two words that came to mind when I saw and played Eitr. Eitr looks to be going for a Demon’s Souls vibe, but from an isometric pixelated perspective. Eitr tells the story of a young woman and her battle against a strange poison that is corrupting the universe.

What was first pointed out to me was that the team did not go for pixel art because it is easier for a small team to work with, but because it made making a mysterious dangerous world more possible. When you first lay eyes on the game you noticed a dark world with very little light around your character and environment which immediately establishes the world as claustrophobic and scary. You only see so much around you, but you hear the monsters lurking all around. Because they went with this choice for the aesthetics you naturally are more cautious with your movements and approach areas ready to battle whatever comes your way.

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Combat was animation heavy, both the character and enemies had animations that I could not break from. Meaning in order to succeed in the game you will have to learn the enemy types and their movements instead of button mashing. I saw a variety of weapon types including sword and shield, arrows and dual wielding weapons, but for the demo I mostly dual wielded. Because I went with that option it meant I had no shield to block and had to rely on the parry system which felt solid and was a play style I was most comfortable with. With that said the game was still difficult and I had a boss stomp me fairly quick. The boss I encountered was a three stage boss with the first stage having him teleport around an arena till he hit his second stage that had me avoiding zones of the area. Unfortunately I did not see the third stage of the boss battle because again I was killed by the boss and my appointment time was over.

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Some of the bulletpoints talked about in the appointment was loot centric as it is a very important aspect in Eitr. In Eitr loot is randomly generated and placed in the game either found on dead enemies or in the environment. Loot degrades in the game and can even be lost forever if the character dies adding more caution to the world. This is an RPG so the leveling up system was briefly discussed and it will be slightly different. Instead of a traditional system it will be called a “Favor” system which means there will be permanent upgrades you can apply to your character or even more powerful temporary perks. This system sounded very intriguing and I look forward to finding out more information about these temporary perks as the game continues development. What I played briefly was difficult, but the kind of challenging experience that could become very rewarding if the game comes together when it releases.

Eitr is expected to launch on the PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2016.

Written by Michael Cwick

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