Disney Infinity 3.0 Launch Date Announced

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“Let the Summer drought end and the Fall deluge begin,” Disney Interactive said, I assume, as the publisher announced that Disney Infinity 3.0 will arrive on store shelves on August 30th, nearly a month before fellow toys-to-life competitors Skylanders Superchargers (Activision/Sept 20) and newcomer LEGO Dimensions (Warner Bros. Interactive/Sept 27).

In addition to the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack, featuring the Star Wars Twilight of the Republic Play Set and the previously revealed PlayStation exclusive Star Wars Saga Starter Pack, which includes the standard starter pack plus the Rise Against the Empire Play Set, Luke, Leia, and additional exclusive till next year character figure, Boba Fett:

  • Star Wars Twilight of the Republic Play Set feat. Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano figures
  • Standalone figures Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Twilight of the Republic Power Disc Pack
  • Star Wars Rebels figures Kanan Jarrus(Wal-Mart exclusive), Ezra Bridger (Toys”R”Us exclusive), Sabine Wren (Target exclusive), and Zeb Orrelios (GameStop exclusive)
  • Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out Play Set feat. Joy and Anger figures and additional standalone figures Sadness, Disgust, and Fear (Amazon exclusive)
  • Disney figures Mickey, Minnie, Mulan (Best Buy exclusive), Olaf, Sam Flynn and Quorra
  • Tomorrowland Power Disc Pack

will be available on launch day as well. As you can see, Disney Infinity’s 3.0 release will continue the practice of retailer exclusives, but on the bright side, pre-ordering will net fan an early release of Toy Box Takeover, one of two announced Toy Box Expansion Games.

Toy Box Takeover is a Diablo-esque game much like last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Escape from the Kyln Expansion Game, but this time Takeover will feature customizations to the game mechanics that can’t be accessed by players for their own Toy Box games, which should make Takeover a much better game experience than Kyln was. It’s priced at $19.99 individually, so that seems like a pretty good deal.

Toy Box Speedway, the second of the two new Expansion Games, focused on kart racing, plus other Disney Infinity 3.0 figures and accessories will be released throughout the Fall. Come on, Hulk Buster.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be available on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PC, and WiiU. For more on Disney Infinity 3.0, have a listen to what Josh thought when he saw it at E3 (around the 38 minute mark), then pester him about getting Darth Maul after launch when no one else can buy him yet.

Source: Infinity Inquirer, Game Informer






Written by Albert Chen

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