Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Screens and Info

I grabbed some images from PlayStation on the upcoming Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection due out later this year to see how good the game looks. As you can see below the pictures are from the second of three games that will grace the collection starring the one and only Nathan Drake. Bluepoint Games have an excellent track record so far, let’s hope they don’t disappoint with this one (or should that be three).

The studio is upgrading character models, environment textures, lighting, and special effects across the board, bringing all three games as close to visual modernity as possible while ensuring they remain true to their original creative direction.

As the studio finalizes work on the collection, it will also roll in the assorted control scheme tweaks, gameplay refinements, and subtle mechanical upgrades that evolved through the series across all three games, bringing them into closer gameplay parity.

Sid Shuman - Senior Manager, Social Media at PlayStation -, Quote from PlayStation Blog
Sid Shuman - Senior Manager, Social Media at PlayStation -

So how are the people that worked on ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and the God of War Collection getting on with rebuilding the games for PS4. Well, they’re targeting 60FPS and bringing the look to each game closer to that of Uncharted 3. There is a Photo mode but no online from any of the three games apart from a beta for Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer (while the Beta is available).

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