E3 2015: Hands-On with Turtle Beach


During my time at E3 2015, I was able to sit down with the team at Turtle Beach and see some of their headphones that they have on the market currently or will be bringing out in the near future. Here is a breakdown of what I got my hands on during my appointment.

Ear Force Recon 50P
recon large

These headphones are Turtle Beach’s entry level headset. The Recon 50P can plug directly into you Dualshock 4 and PS Vita, they come with a 3.5mm cord to use in other devices. Very thin light construction ear cups that are large enough to cover ears but not overly large. They include 40mm speaker drivers. They are self adjusting to the size of your head based on pulling down gently on the ear cups until they’re at a comfortable fit for you. There are inline volume controls along with a mute button and the boom mic is removable. When I tried them on, I found them to be comfortable and light. One thing I did notice is that they didn’t pinch my head, ears, or push against the rim of my glasses, all of which are things I have become concerned about over the last few months. Turtle Beach is calling the Recon 50P a marathon type headset, meaning you can wear them for long gaming sessions. Being they are entry level headphones Turtle Beach is shooting for around a $40 price point.

Ear Force Recon 60P
60p large

The next step up in Turtle Beach’s headphone line is the Ear Force Recon 60P. These headphone are USB powered for amplitude sound on PS3 and PS4. The 60P deliver a digital stereo sound when using the amplifier. They also come with a 3.5mm cord that you can use for non amplified sound on PS Vita and other devices. The inline amplifier also allows you to be able to hear yourself talking, which allows you to avoid shouting or talking too low. These headphones are identical to the 50P except for the ability to use the inline amplifier and will be at a price point of $50.

Ear Force PX24
px24 large

This is Turtle Beach’s multi-platform headset. Compatible with PS4, XBOX One, PC, MAC and mobile/tablet devices that support 35mm jacks. Updated design based on PX12 and PX22 designs. The PX24 features 50mm speaker drivers for beefier bass response. Included is a mic check technology as well to allow you to hear how you sound to others. It also comes with a battery powered (rechargeable) SupeAmp allowing amplified sound from any connected device. Super human hearing is an audio preset that allows you to better hear footsteps if your playing a FPS-type game. Adjustable bass setting and volume sliders. Since the PS4 and Xbox One have different sound profiles, there is a switch for each platform. The biggest surprise for me with these headsets was the price, suggested retail for the Ear Force PX24 will be $80.

The other really cool thing I got to see and get hands-on time with was something called Hypersound, which is a new speaker style sound system that is using a sound tunnel like technology or directed sound technology. Turtle Beach has used parts of this technology at some of their Call of Duty display booths at Best Buy retailers. Essentially if you are in the tunnel of sound you hear everything perfect; and once you step out of the tunnel you hear virtually nothing.
hypersound large

The main focus of Hypersound is for hearing impaired people, but I feel this is something that could fit into the gaming world perfectly. Many of us play games in living rooms or office spaces that we share with other people who are in the room/house. Imagine playing a game and not having to wear headphones because you are concerned about waking a sleeping family member or disturbing a conversation in the other room due to the constant gaming sounds. I also see this device as a saving grace for people like my parents. My father has some hearing issues and turns his TV up very loud so that he can comfortably hear the show he is watching. This drives my mother crazy to the point where she pretty much leaves the room and goes to do something else. I could see a scenario where Hypersound speaker sitting on my dad’s nightstand and both them them watching TV at comfortable sound levels that work for both of them.

I really liked what I saw during my time at Turtle Beach. Slightly disappointed that they don’t have a pure wireless offering, but with current gen consoles having headphone ports built into controller the huge need for wireless isn’t there. All three sets of headphones being under $100 is a huge win for players that worry about price. Keep your eyes on psnation.com for more E3 2015 hardware coverage from me.

Written by Dave Hunt

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