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Product: Sumo Titanium
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge International
Original MSRP: $479.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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The team over at have been awesome over the last few years when it comes to sending our staff bean bag chairs or other items in the furniture category for review. When I was given the opportunity to select a chair to be reviewed I was very excited not only for myself but for my family as well. I selected the Sumo Titanium with the micro suede charcoal grey cover.

First off let me briefly tell you about my family so you understand where I’m coming from with my thoughts on the bean bag chair. I am a 6’4″ 32-year-old who’s married with two teenagers and a pregnant wife due at the end of August.

It took about four business days from the time I got my tracking number until delivery to my front door. The box was very large and weighed about seventy-five pounds. Do not use a box cutter or long blade when opening your box or the other packing material that is used in shipping. I used my house key to ensure I didn’t accidentally puncture the chair itself.


The chair comes packed in a vacuumed sealed bag. Once you break the bag open the chair immediately begins to expand and grow. Make sure you have enough space wherever you decide to open it as is very large (90″ long x 48″ wide x 34″ high). It took about 24-48 hours for the chair to fully expand to correct size, which only happened after flipping the bag over and over and punching the filling to break it up.


The filling of this chair appears to be made of three different types of material. There are of course foam beans along with cotton stuffing and the final part is what appears to be a type of memory foam. But enough about the box and the chair, let’s talk about the most important part: comfort.

I’m going to start off with my family’s impressions first and then get into more detail from me. As I am sitting here writing this review my one hundred pound dog is relaxing in the Titanium and I could care less since this chair will not be flat when he decides to get off of it. My two teenagers fight over who gets to sit in the chair when I’m not in it. Of course, since they are siblings they cannot share the chair together even though it does support multiple people at the same time.

… a great option for long play sessions …
My eight month pregnant wife really likes this chair as it supports her stomach very well when she needs to lay down and doesn’t want to be in bed. She has taken many naps in it and her only complaint is that getting up can be difficult. But to be fair, getting out of any sitting position for her isn’t easy lately.

As I stated above I’m not what you would call super tall but I am above average height and finding things that I can lay down comfortably on isn’t easy. I have found myself laying in the chair lengthwise fairly regularly. It holds my 220 pounds very well and gives me good support around my back and head. When I am laying down I do not feel the need to have a pillow since the support is enough that my head doesn’t sink. I understand that I am not using this chair as it was designed, however, from a gaming perspective it is a great option for long play sessions.


Now let’s talk about when two people are sitting “couch” style. My wife and I have sat together and watched a couple of our normal TV shows and this is where the Titanium shines. Having two people on it distributes the cushioning in a nearly perfect way. There is almost enough room for a third person to sit, like a child or maybe even three teenagers or college kids.

The only negative thing that I can think of when it comes to this chair is when sitting couch style solo, I tend to sink more into the middle of the chair as the foam tends to get pushed out to the ends. Also, something I have had problems with in the past are chairs not having the back and neck support I need. I don’t see myself sitting upright in this chair solo or with someone for more than an hour, since I need to hold my head upright and feel like I am unable to relax. I do feel this problem could be solved for me if it was placed farther away from my TV or if my TV was in a higher position on my wall.

… very comfortable and supportive …
There are a variety of colors and materials you can pick from for all the styles of bean bag chairs available. My family selected the micro suede charcoal grey cover since it matched the rest of our furniture. The cover itself is very high quality material. I have not needed to wash it as of this review but do not see this as a challenge at all. Putting the cover on was easy, however it is a two person process. The zipper is solid and secures the bag perfectly. There is a pocket that can hang off the side of the Titanium that is attached by magnets which is great for holding the remote control or even your cell phone.


Is this piece of furniture worth the price? Listed at $479, it is on the very high end of the price point for Sumo Lounge chairs. Comparing this to a futon is difficult but necessary based on its size. Most futons I looked into vary in price from $150 to $800 based on the frame and mattress. The Sumo Titanium is far more comfortable and supportive than any futon I have ever sat or slept on. Futons, however, do have the advantage of back support when in its upright position. I feel the Titanium gives you more versatility in the way it is set up in your room versus a futon that needs to be a certain distance from the wall and can only be used in one forward facing direction.

This chair also gives you the comfort of the higher end futons that range from $600-$800 but without the frames and springs that can wear out in futon mattresses. However I do think the Titanium fits a certain type of person and set up. I do not feel like this is a piece of furniture you would want to have in your living room or as your primary seating. However this is an amazing addition to a family/rec room or a office/man cave. It is also a great alternative to a bulky couch in a bedroom or dorm room.

In terms of bang for your buck, if you are looking for a chair for a single person use I wouldn’t recommend the Titanium. Sumo has plenty of better options in that area. If you’re looking for a great “cuddle” chair this is for you. It’s a very comfortable and supportive chair and I have taken many long naps in it, some intentional, most not. The Titanium can be used as an alternative sleeping space if needed and I would have no problem letting some of my friends or family members use it as a bed for a few nights.


* All photos used in this review were taken by the reviewer.

Written by Dave Hunt

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