E3 2015: Hands-On SteelSeries


SteelSeries has been a staple in the gaming hardware for a while now. As the current gen console continue to sell at a high rate new hardware is coming in fast. Check out what SteelSeries has to offer for the PlayStation family from E3 2015.

Siberia P800
The Siberia P800 comes with transmitter that doubles as a charging station and also comes with 2 batteries, so that you are always charged. Transmitter is also an indicator for battery charging life for headset or extra battery. 7.1 Dolby surround with multiple modes. Connects via optical port for transmitter. Headphones are fully wireless with multiple modes for gaming and movies. Ear cups are packed full of memory foam. The mic is a retractable so when not needing to chat it is tucked out-of-the-way. I was very impressed with the audio quality of these headphones. I was playing Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign and losing myself in the game. I could hear every shot perfectly including the shell casing hitting the ground. When there were sounds going on behind me it truly felt like they were behind me. Everything you need to adjust the headphones is right on the ear cups. You can change the profile. Turn the volume up or down, adjust the chat and you can see all of this right on the transmitter. I couldn’t hear much of anything else as these headphones did an awesome job of canceling most of the outside noise of the E3 craziness. Like I have stated in previous hardware previews I wear glasses and these are by far the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn. Considering all these great features, the Siberia P800 comes with a price tag of $299.

Siberia P300
The Siberia P300 with a price tag of $99, these headphones piqued my interest, as this is at about the high-end of my budget for new headphones. Using the Siberia suspension system for the headband that auto adjust to the shape of you head with out any adjustment is awesome for pick up and play feature. 7.1 Dolby virtual surround sound as well as the retractable mic that can be muted with the flip of a switch on the ear cup. These headphones were very comfortable and sounded good just not as good as the P800. I found myself feeling like these headphones just weren’t loud enough for me, However this could be contributed to the noisy environment of my appointment.

Siberia P100
At the $49 price point is SteelSeries entry level headset the Siberia P100. Using a 3.5mm jack that plugs directly into the Dualshock 4. Offering over ear cushion while still trying to give you high-end sound quality. The mic is non retractable and has no setting on the headphones itself. These also will work great on mobile devices as well as tablets.

SteelSeries really impressed me with the line up of hardware this year. The P800 are by far the best headphones I have ever tried. The P300 are a great mid range headphones. While the P100 are the entry-level that will get the job done at a great price point. Keep your eyes here for more hardware coverage and reviews coming up over the next few months.

Written by Dave Hunt

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