PAX 2015: Hands-On Enter the Gungeon


For my first game on day two of PAX 2015, I played the only twin-stick shooter in my covered games: Enter the Gungeon. I’m pretty sure there are no other games out there that combine the twin-stick shooter and Roguelike genres into one game, but these guys did it and it’s awesome. The developer referred to it as a Bullet-hell Dungeon Crawler, which I think is a pretty apt description.

So, for the twin-stick shooter side of the game, you control your player with the left stick and you point your gun in three-hundred and sixty degrees with the right stick. The trigger shoots and you have a dodge-roll to escape all of the heavy gunfire. There’s also a bomb, similar to Super Stardust HD, if you get into trouble, the bomb will clear out the room.


As far as the Roguelike component, all of the rooms are procedurally-generated, all of the loot is different guns (of which you can carry an unlimited amount), and all of the enemies are bullets (yes, walking bullets). There are over two-hundred hand-designed guns in the game and different items that power them up in different ways.

There are four different characters that you can choose from, and they’re all going after a gun that can kill the past. Each character has a different reason for wanting that special gun, however. Another intriguing thing is that each player also has their own final boss. The game also features local co-op, so that will be great for those of you who have friends over to give you a hand.


The graphics had that retro style, but the game does have quite a bit of complexity to it. It was really cool how when you would walk around the environment, there’d be tables and chairs lying around. When you get around to a table, you can tip the table over (similar to how they do in Western) to shield you from enemy fire. The table-flipping works both ways though, so enemies can also flip tables and make themselves harder to take out.

I did get a chance to play this one after the interview, and it is exceptionally fun. Enter the Gungeon is coming to PS4, PC, Mac, Linux and is scheduled for early 2016.

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Written by Jason Honaker

Jason Honaker

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