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Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is an upcoming co-op action game from Fatshark; the development studio behind Escape Dead Island. Combining ranged combat and melee, this first-person title has only been seen on PC to date (including by Jason at PAX), ahead of its October 23rd release date.

However, development of a PS4 version is not far behind. At EGX this week, I spoke to the Producer of the console game, Robert Bäckström, who explained what PlayStation gamers can expect from Vermintide.

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Overseeing his team’s port to consoles, Robert was keen to stress how easy the process has been. As with countless other developers, Fatshark are finding the PS4 much simpler to work with than the complex PS3 architecture.

The Swedish Producer enthused: “It’s easier with the new generation. Under the hood, especially on the PlayStation, it’s more like a PC. Also the difference between a high-end PC and consoles is not that big compared to the end of the [PS3 and Xbox 360 lifecycle].

“The tools are more user friendly than PS3. Sony has always been very helpful with the development side, but I would say [PS4] is easier.”

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When asked about unique elements of the console version, Robert was unable to provide any specifics, with the news currently being kept under wraps: “There will be differences.

“We’re looking into adding some features to the console version, to make it stand out. But it’s a bit too early to talk about it yet. There’s some things that come naturally when you’re on a couch with a controller, but I can’t really go into detail yet.”

He was able to discuss the studio’s DLC plans though. Many gamers are justifiably worried when a strategy for extra content exists before a game has even launched. However, Robert assured us that console users would not be nickel-and-dimed for small items, and that gamers would not be segregated depending on which DLC packs they owned:

“The PC version has a DLC plan for one update per month – a mix of free and paid. On PlayStation, we will limit that a little, we don’t want it to work in the same way. But we look forward to an even flow of updates in the first year; probably larger updates.

“We’ll see vanity items, updates to the characters, new hats, trinkets and stuff, but also new maps. The paid content will most likely be new maps, and new enemies added to those maps.

“This is a co-op game, and I can always invite you, even if you don’t own the DLC. For us, it’s crucial that the player base is large, and we need to keep it as large as possible.”

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Vermintide is primarily a co-op experience, but Robert confirmed it can be played without the aid of others: “You can play the whole game alone – we have bots in it.

“But I would say it’s a co-op game and you’ll get even [more] out of it playing with friends. It’s still very enjoyable playing in single player. The story is quite elaborate. The whole Warhammer IP is so interesting.

“You can definitely enjoy it like that, but we release it as a co-op game, with support for single-player.”

When asked when the game will launch on PS4, Robert stated: “We have no official release date for consoles.” However, he confirmed that he didn’t want the PC version to be released “too far ahead” of its console sibling. Early 2016 was his realistic aim for the PS4 launch.

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Written by Raj Mahil

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