Alienation – Two Trailers From Paris Games Week


The legends at Housemarque have been too quiet for what seems like ages and now Sony XDev released a new trailer for Alienation which you can see here:

Then they release a Tech Behind Alienation video that shows the awesome details and technology that’s going into making this stunning game which you can see here:


From Housemarque:

At the the beginning of Alienation’s development cycle, we sat down and looked at what had made one of our previous title, Dead Nation, so successful. There were of course a multitude of reasons for why people liked Dead Nation, but some stuck out, for example co-op play, the amount of enemies on screen, and the way we managed to squeeze out every drop of power from the physics engine.

With Alienation, not only we’re doubling down on tech, enemy numbers and destruction, but we’re also focusing our efforts on two more things: online co-op and loot. While the campaign is perfectly playable in single player, Alienation is built with collaboration in mind. Up to four players can take control of one of the three classes available (Bio-Specialist, Exoskeleton and Saboteur), and combo their powers to make sure the Xenos get their fair share of lead.

While multiplayer is something we explored in the past, with Alienation we’re dipping our toes on loot for the first time. There will be nine types of resources to collect, and combining them will allow you to expand the capabilities of weapons or “reroll” their stats. On top of that, we built a solid XP system: the higher your level, the cooler the talents your character will be able to pull off.

Rest assured that Alienation is nearing completion – but as grandma used to say “the pie is not ready yet”. Stay tuned for more information on release date and gameplay details in the near future!

Written by Chazz Harrington

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