Wasteland 2: Directors Cut Gets It’s First Console Update


inXile announced today that Wasteland 2: Directors Cut is getting it’s first title update on the PlayStation 4. The title update covers bug and balance fixes. The complete patch notes can be found below.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed companions not spawning correctly at HQ after dismissing them.

· Fixed disappearing perks on companions after dismissing them.

· Fixed inability to open doors in Ranger Citadel and Ag Center Central Compex after using Examine while playing with a controller.

· Fixed Meson Cannon not properly firing on the player.

· Fixed voice-over lines not playing in some conditions after returning to a location.

· Fixed a bug which could cause Precision Strikes with melee attacks to not apply correctly in certain conditions.

· Fixed a bug with Rangers sometimes running in place when conversation or cutscene stopped them.

· Fixed a bug which could sometimes prevent selecting certain skills in the Skills screen while playing with a controller.

· Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause the Skills Radial menu to only show Lockpicking as a valid option while playing with a controller.

· Improvements to voice-over 2D/3D sound positioning in conversations and barks.

· Increased the effects of Manic Depressive to +2/-2 to Attributes, to make it a bit more compelling to select.

· Reduced the effects of Disparnumerophobia to +1/-1 to Attributes.

· Increased the Applied Force line of perks slightly.

· Increased time range for Animal Husbandry effects to take place.

· Increased Tactical Positioning damage bonus slightly.

· Increased the Whack-a-Mole bonus to Chance to Hit slightly.

· Increased the Bomberman bonus to Area of Effect range slightly.

· Increased the Long Arm bonus to Throw Distance range slightly.

· Increased the Loose Change drop chance slightly.

· Increased the bonus granted by Intimidating, Affable and Know-it-All, to make them more compelling to select.

· Reduced the Improvised Explosives salvage chance slightly.

· Removed Friendly Fire chance from Master Hunter entirely.

· Fixed Bandit line of perks to no longer affect Submachine Guns.

· Increased the Bandit line of perks bonus attack chance.

· Opportunist now shows the correct bonus damage. The text was previously incorrect.

· Increased the effective range of Opportunist bonus damage slightly.

· Increased Big Game Hunter and Roboticist bonus damage.

· Updated the Alarm Disarming line of perks, Ghost and Quick Reflexes. Ghost is now placed at a lower skill requirement and Quick Reflexes now grants permanent bonus Evasion. This should make them more compelling to take.

· Removed Conductive flag from Goat Hide Armor, since it’s not made out of metal.

· Improved some old unique weapons so that they are more worthwhile to use.

· Removed an erroneous 1.2x Field Medic skill multiplier on Mysophobic. The flat bonus healing effects still remain as described.

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Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

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