Valkyria Chronicles Remaster + Valkyria: Azure Revolution Announced

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Guys it happened, Sega remembered Valkyria Chronicles! Sega announced in the latest issue of Famitsu that they are bringing the first Valkyria Chronicles over to the PlayStation 4 in a new remaster. This new prettied up version will launch on February 10th in Japan. Unfortunately this release is Japan only for the time being, but there was a version of the game released last year on PC so there might be some hope for a western release.

Sega was not done remembering this overlooked franchise because they announced a sequel titled Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be an RPG and the details of the story are unknown at this time. For more details and translations from the Famitsu article head on over to Gematsu.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will launch in Winter 2016 in Japan and a demo of the game will be included with the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster.

Sega does have a Twitter account if you want to ask them to bring the remaster over to the West or remind them that the PSP sequels exist.

Source: Gematsu

Written by Michael Cwick

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