Hideo Kojima Starts New Independent Studio and Partners With PlayStation


(We expect the *Official* announcement very soon, but until then, this should be considered a *rumor* obviously)

PS Nation has learned about the next moves Hideo Kojima will be making in his latest gaming endeavors. Hot on the heels of the split with Konami, Kojima will be forming his own independent games studio in Japan.

In addition to this, the new studio will be working directly with Sony’s Worldwide Studios in Japan on a brand new IP and bringing the new studio’s first creation to PlayStation 4 and PC. This new joint venture will be completely funded, published, and owned by Sony upon release.

As with all things controversial, we suspect this announcement was to be the big closer to the recent PlayStation Experience 2015 event in San Francisco. However, due to legal issues, this reveal could not be made during the conference. Here’s hoping this won’t be the only partnership we see between Kojima’s new studio and the PlayStation ecosystem.

Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

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