Last Week on #DailyPoll – 1/15/16


Welcome to Last Week on #DailyPoll, a column where I compile the polls we post on our Twitter account (@PSNation) and talk about them. Let’s see what you all had to say last week.

We started off the week with a pretty simple one: have you crowdfunded (ie Kickstarter or Indiegogo) a video game? Crowdfunding has seemed to be a little controversial for games so the question was simply to see how many of our voters had used one of those services.

The supermajority of responses said that they have never crowdfunded a video game. A little bit surprising, I think, given the millions of dollars and thousands of donors some crowdfunded games are raking in. And of those who have crowdfunded a game, half have stopped at a single one. A few responses were pretty excited about games they had crowdfunded though, such as Stephen Roberts.

Crowdfunding has been a point of contention among gamers, which is what led to these questions in the first place. Clearly some are working but other crowdfunding attempts end up going awry. Opinions on the subject range the full gambit from “future of gaming” to “needless trend that should go away.” Tuesday’s question tried to tackle that.

Looks like most of the responses fell in the middle, that crowdfunding a game is good as a last resort. I’m guessing that these people would prefer traditional funding where a developer gets money either from a publisher or investor, rather than push the uncertainty and risks onto the gamer. Dollow Rlance summed up their concerns pretty well:

A final semi-crowdfunding related question. One thing a lot of Kickstarters has done is include backer-exclusive content. Sometimes this content is never made available to those who end up purchasing the game when it releases and I’ve seen some anger over this in the past. To that end I asked what people thought of this exclusive content, but opened it up to include any general kind of exclusive content (such as preorder bonuses).

Over half the respondents said that it did bother them in some manner, with the answer “yes, a little” eventually winning out. Reading the actual tweet responses, several people clarified that cosmetic exclusives were generally okay but actual game content was more bothersome. Some people are also bothered by a specific kind of exclusive content, like iamhannah:

Listeners of the latest episode of the podcast heard that the PS Nation Staff had a civil discussion about what genre Yakuza 5 should be classified as. With the Golden Minecarts about to start, we were nominating games for categories and a certain staffer was trying to make a point for it to be nominated for the PS3 RPG category. Let’s see what Twitter thought:

A large number of responses said they either didn’t know or didn’t care, which maybe says that it really doesn’t matter to most people. Among the other responses, Action RPG ended up winning out. For the record, and to defend the Minecart nominations, Sega themselves only classify the game as an Action/Adventure game in emails/official website/etc. But with how the game plays and all the minigames and side stuff, maybe Yakuza 5 is just every genre as Dragon Punch says.

And finally Friday. This one was just a random unrelated question for fun.

Looks kinda bell-curve-ish there to me. I know for me, the share button is one of my favorite things about PS4 and I love screen capturing things that happen to the point where I miss the button when I’m playing on PS3. Seems I’m not alone with many people using it occasionally and even the responses said as much as well. It’s certainly nice to have for when awesome stuff happens, according to Calvin Vesco.

That’s about it for this week. Be sure to check our twitter page every weekday for a poll to vote in. And respond with some thoughts to maybe be included in this post!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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