Last Week on #DailyPoll – 1/29/26


Welcome to last week on #DailyPoll. Every weekday we pose a question to our twitter followers over on @PSNation for them to vote on. At the beginning of the week we pull all the polls together into this post. Let’s go!

We had a theme going for this week: how much certain aspects of a game should affect review scores. We kicked off the week with graphics.

It seems that graphics are pretty important to gamers. Maybe not the most important thing but they should have a moderate affect on a game’s review score. People like their good looking games. Micheal DiGlovanni said as much but made sure to make a distinction based on games that were purposely going for retro graphics.

Tuesday’s question asked about the audio aspect. Audio covers a lot of parts of a game, from music to voice acting to sound effects. So, how much should that be reflected in a review?

The same answer as Monday was the top answer but the answer “a lot” had a higher percentage of responses compared to on the graphics poll. As a result, we could assume that gamers generally value audio higher than graphics. Interestingly, several responses mentioned The Last of Us as an example of why audio is important, for example this response from Stoffinator.

Wednesday moved on to the aspect of length/replayability. These two aren’t exactly the same thing but both have the goal of giving the player an overall longer time playing the game.

Once again, “moderate” won out but not by as much as the previous days. This poll was a lot more spread out. Even in the responses, some gamers place a lot of stock in a game’s value proposition (as a ratio of price to length) while others seem less concerned about the time spent playing the game and more with the quality of that experience. Interestingly, some even went to the extreme of the value proposition, saying that too lengthy a length even detracts from the experience. Joshua Miller put it pretty nicely:

On Thursday I used the question to talk about story. How important is the story to a game? Here are the votes:

A different winning answer today with “a lot” coming out on top. Clearly the plot of the game is very important to gamers, probably above the other aspects from the previous polls based on these results. One response, from Cesar Brenes, even said that they consider it more important than the gameplay.

Finally, Friday. This one used the same form but to ask about technical aspects like framerate and resolution. These aspects of a game are often use in trolling matches online when comparing different console versions of a game but do gamers consider them important to a review?

Based on these results, it would seem gamers generally consider these important aspects. At least on the level around the graphics and audio, looking at the comparison to the other polls. Although, multiple replies said that they only really care about the technical aspects if the technical aspects are bad. But not all, Henry Holloway summed up the week’s polls pretty well with this response:

That’s all for this week. Be sure to join us on Twitter to answer the daily polls and keep an eye on the website for the Last Week on Daily Poll article!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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