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This is Last Week on Daily Poll, a weekly post where I compile the results of the polls that are posted daily to our twitter account, @PSNation. Let’s see what our followers thought about the questions posed last week.

During the voting period for the Golden Minecart Awards there was some discussion on the PS Nation forums about whether we should have included the PS3 categories for last year. The reasoning, it seemed, was that the PS3 fell off to the point where most people weren’t playing it. Which of course got the PS Nation staff interested in seeing just how many people still play theirs.

Grouping the results for a second, it would seem that more than half (about 58%) of our followers do still use their PS3 in some capacity. While it’s not a huge majority it does seem like there was some meaning in still including the PS3 in the 2015 GMA’s as at least half would still care about the PS3. Of course, one of the PS3 categories was the least voted in category in the GMAs so who knows how we’ll decide to do things next year. And as long as the PS4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility, I think a lot of us will still have our PS3 around to play our old favorites, much like Biddaman:

The Monday poll got me thinking about other older consoles and wondering how much those see play. The PSP is the next oldest PlayStation platform so I decided to go for that one next and see how many people still play PSP. The interesting thing about PSP is that the Vita is backwards compatible with some PSP games, so there’s another wrinkle to this equation.

I was not too surprised by this result. The PSP is a few years older than the PS3 and it’s been longer since it was replaced by a newer device. Plus, the PS3 still had a decent amount of support last year whereas the PSP only had a few games. I do have to wonder if the poll would have been even lower, had a well regarded game like Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC not come out just a couple months ago. Maybe not, as PSP games on PSN can get absurdly cheap these days and Vita is a great way for people like Imphobia to play PSP games (at least the ones that are available).

Talking about PSP games on Vita got me thinking: what do people of our community use their Vita for the most? Sony likes to play up the remote play and classics aspects of the system on the (rare) occasion they advertise it but does our community use it that way?

Well, I guess the obvious answer was the most popular. Vita systems get used to play Vita games. I was more suprised that remoteplay outranked the classics in the poll. Given that remote play requires an internet connection I thought maybe the more portable aspects of the would rank higher but apparently not.
Anyway, MrSushi replied to this poll with a picture of a pretty awesome collection of Vita games, so naturally I’m gonna use that as this poll reply. (And shame on all the people who voted for the joke answer or replied with a tweet to the effect of “paperweight.”)

Another poll to come out of internal PS Nation staff discussion: this time asking about PS4 harddrives. The discussion was centered around some new special edition PS4 bundles coming out and whether Sony should be increasing the harddrive size or not. Apparently our staff who work in retail have seen a very clear preference by the general populace for saving money over more harddrive space. Are those people running out of room? This poll probably hits a more specialized section of the populace but it’s still interesting to see how many people have had an issue with harddrive size.

So yeah, lots of people running out of room. 68% of the responders have filled up a PS4 harddrive of some kind. And the people with the stock size of 500 GB who have also filled up all of those 500 GB make up the biggest overall section. At least there are ways to avoid running out of space, as G Cruz points out:

While the previous question does offer some insight, I was curious how many of the people who said “no” on Thrusday were still on the stock drive and how many hadn’t run out because they took action to prevent it in the first place by replacing the stock drive with something larger. To generalize that a bit, Friday followed up by asking our followers if they have upgraded their PS4’s harddrive.

Looks like half of the people responding have changed out the default drive. And a significant portion of those who haven’t do want to do so. Fortunately for those who do, we have a great article on the PS Nation that shows exactly how to do so. Even our own writer John Payant has used that video!

That wraps up last week. Be sure to check on weekdays on the Twitter account to vote and reply!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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