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This is Last Week on Daily Poll where I compile the results of the votes cast on our twitter’s daily poll. These polls, posted to @PSNation each weekday, cover anything and everything gaming related. Here’s what out twitter followers had to say last week.

For those not in the US, last weekend was the Super Bowl, arguably one of the biggest events in sporting here. Being that the Super Bowl is such a big deal and tends to get a lot of people, even those who aren’t otherwise into football, to care about sports, I wondered if the game also got people to think about the video game equivalents.

Seems like a sizable chunk of those responding aren’t swayed into playing sports games by current events. However, that chunk would include those who don’t play sports games at all anyway so the poll could probably be taken with a grain of salt. Several people responded with the types of sports games that events get them excited to play, like Micheal DiGIovanni:

Since I was still thinking about sports, but wanted to swing things back to a more video game territory, I got to thinking about esports. Several American networks, such as ESPN have started to ramp up the amount of esports on their channel. The streaming numbers for the big esports events are very solid so I can see why they’d want to get into it. Might be some money to be made.

Seems like a lot of those responding are pretty indifferent. As I pointed out in the bump post, esports really doesn’t seem too far off from poker, which is already pretty accepted on sports networks. But you really have to wonder if the people watching League of Legends streams are the kinds of people who would suddenly switch to watching it on TV. According to responders like Some Dude, it would appear not.

Earlier in the week it was announced that game peripheral manufacturer Madcatz was laying off a significant number of employees and some of the higher-ups were stepping down. Their sales numbers for last year, though down year over year, were still profits which got a bunch of the PS Nation staff talking about the situation. So I figured I’d ask a pretty simple question on Daily Poll: do you own any Madcatz products?

Pretty big ‘no’ there. Certainly Madcatz was, at least at one time, known for pretty cheap and poorly designed peripherals. These days they seem to be doing better: their fightsticks are pretty well regarded (if on the expensive side) and the new Rock Band 4 instruments they put out seem solid. Still, only about a quarter of those who voted have anything of theirs.

This question was proposed by Dave Hunt, one of the PS Nation staff members. It’s another one that got some traction in staff discussions: can you vote for a game in the Golden Minecarts (or any game of the year awards) if you haven’t played it? Staff opinion seemed fairly split, let’s see what our twitter followers said:

Pretty big response for “yes” although there was still a chunk of people who voted “no.” The argument for yes is pretty clear; how can you vote for something you haven’t played? But the counter-argument, at least among the staff, was that there are a lot of other ways to consume video games these days with streaming and youtube being as large as they are. It’s an interesting question, as it’s unlikely that everyone who voted has played everything that came out in a year. But at the very least, PS Nation doesn’t impose any restrictions although people like Calvin Vesco might stick to games he’s played.

This past week, PlayStation’s “Vote to Play” vote went live. Much like the first one, there are three games to vote for and the winner will be on the next month’s PS+ line up while the losers have to settle for a launch week discount. The official vote is over on the PlayStation proper but I was curious how our followers might line up in comparison to the official vote.

That’s a pretty hefty lead for Broforce, with over half the votes. Indeed, even over on the official poll (with 7 days left as of this writing), Broforce has a pretty commanding lead. However, in our poll, Assault Android Cactus is following it up with a third of the votes whereas Action Henk is in second in the official poll. It would seem that our followers do not line up exactly with the masses. Gamify replied with his reason for voting for Broforce:

That’s about it for this week. Be sure to follow us on twitter for all the polls.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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