Last Week on #DailyPoll – 2/19/16


Welcome to the Street Fighter V edition of Last Week on Daily Poll. Each day last week I asked a fighting game related question on our twitter, @PSNation. Let’s see how our twitter followers responded.

Since Twitter only allows four answers, I figured the day before Street Fighter V came out was the perfect time to face off all of the numbered entries in the series. Yes, there are a lot more Street Fighter games than that but what can ya do.

Street Fighter II, widely considered to be the reason there even is a fighting game genre, takes down the poll with ease. Street Fighter IV gave a good fight for second, probably because it’s fresher in most people’s minds. Of course a few people, like DANNYonPC, had to chime in with some other answers.

The fighting game genre may have common roots, but it’s become pretty evenly split between two game styles now. Some games still adhere to the 2D fighting plane while others have attempted to bring things into 3D to give the player more options. So which style is more popular?

2D takes the fight! 2D fighting games are a pretty well oiled machine at this point and I guess sometimes people just like the classics. 3D put up a good number of votes but it just wasn’t enough. But of course, it’s possible to like both and people like BAD76 responded to that effect.

Picking a character in a fighting game is clearly a Big Deal, right? Okay, probably not, but settling on a character to focus on is definitely an important step as one starts playing a fighting game. There are certainly a few ways to choose, and I asked about two of them: character play style or character’s looks.

Play style turns out to be the most popular way to pick. Which makes some sense; after all, why play a character you don’t enjoy playing? I’m not entirely sure what other methods there are although I joked about picking characters based on tier lists (ie trying to purposely pick the most powerful or least powerful character). There are probably some other ways too, maybe not even picking and just playing everyone like Robert Smith:

Thursday’s question was definitely inspired by Street Fighter V. It has been all over the video game news that the game is lacking a real story/arcade mode, instead just having a few short character background stories. Several fighting game communities I visit didn’t seem too bothered by this as they only play versus modes, so I thought I’d ask our community what modes they care most about.

Wow, it’s a knockout for the Story/Arcade mode. I guess there are a good portion of people (who voted) that do care about the story/arcade modes, to the point where they play it even more than versus modes. Even combined, the versus modes only reach half the votes of Story. Definitely good then, that games like Mortal Kombat X and BlazBlue have long story modes. And now I’m curious if Street Fighter V’s sales are being impacted by the loss.

And no one replied to this post. Shame. Shame. Shame. 😉

Simply one to end the week. Ryu or Ken? The two have been locked in their battle of friendly rivalry for many games now, who will be the victor (of this poll of a limited number of people)?

And it’s Ryu with the 3 to 1 victory! I guess being slightly more main character than Ken really helps. And maybe his recent smashing crossover appearance helps too. Once again though, I had responses for answers not on the ballot. So here’s your mention of Cammy, Joseph Parastatidis:

That’s all for this week. Join us again on weekdays on the PS Nation twitter to vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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