Last Week on #DailyPoll – 2/26/16


This is Last Week on Daily Poll, where I compile the results of the polls posted to our Twitter account, @PSNation, every weekday. Let’s see what Twitter had to say last week.

Monday’s question was inspired by the podcast. In the past, Glenn and Josh have talked about keeping a list of the games and movies they buy. So I thought it’d be interesting to see how many other people do that as well.

Looks like it’s not all that prevalent, with less than 40% of the responders saying they track either games bought or games played. Interestingly, it seems like people who do start tracking one are likely to track the other as well. All or nothing. Maybe George Nash will be one of those all in people soon then…

I wasn’t immediately thinking about this, but several of the responses to Monday’s question said that they didn’t track the games they buy/play but they do track upcoming purchases. Well, naturally, that meant I had to ask to see if many others do this as well.

Looks like it’s a lot more prevalent than the previous lists. Not only keeping a formal list somewhere (Amazon wishlist was mentioned several times for this) but keeping mental tabs on upcoming releases as well. The latter is probably helped by podcasts like PS Nation that mention upcoming releases as part of the show. Richb is one of the people who keeps a formal list:

This poll was, like many others, partially inspired by some of the staff chatting. Trading in games is obviously big, or at least big enough for a few companies to make money off of it. Let’s see how many people on our Twitter trade in their old games.

Interesting, people who trade in most of their games turn out to be the smallest group. Slightly more people trade in the games they don’t enjoy, which is understandable. Why not get something out of the game you don’t like. Still, over half the votes were for not trading in games at all. But maybe not completely for the reason I would have expected. A lot of the responses, like Paul’s, said they don’t because they’ve switched to buying their games digitally.

The PlayStation Plus lineup for March was posted on Wednesday and, as usual, the internet was rife with all sorts of opinions ranging from calling the list terrible to praising everything. Naturally I had to ask where our Twitter followers fell on this spectrum.

Strongly in the “meh” camp. Only about a third of the responses were for one of the two positive answers so it would seem a lot of people feel underwhelmed by the games. Maybe not because of the quality of the games (at least going by PS Nation reviews, Galak-Z got a 9.5/10 and Flame Over got 10/10) but definitely in the lack of AAA titles. Several people responding with their favorite older PS+ games; Greg Peevy’s was Helldivers (which was in February’s lineup).

Finally the Friday poll asked how long of a break you’ve taken from gaming (recently). Pretty straight forward, we don’t all play games all the time (right?) so let’s see how long our Twitter followers didn’t play.

Well, as is befitting the kind of people who would follow a PlayStation twitter account, it seems like the breaks a pretty short. Most people don’t take a break for more than a few days, or at least a few weeks at most. Less than a fifth of the responses fell into the months or longer areas. We can’t all play games all the time though, as much as we would like. Life gets in the way, right Paul Harrison?

And that’s it for this week. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and respond to those Daily Polls!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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