Review: Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Wheel for PS3/PS4


Product: Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Wheel
Release Date: October 2015
Manufacturer: Thrustmaster
Original MSRP: £169.99 (UK) $199.99 (US)
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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I have used many but never owned my very own steering wheel. It always seemed like a luxury item that I would have to admire and secretly crave from afar as the wife would never agree to such an expense. Part of me, even though I would never say it out loud, agreed as well. But as luck would have it, PR reached out and asked if I wanted a wheel.

t150-ferrari-wheel-03 t150-ferrari-wheel-04

Not only did I get the Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel but I also received the T3PA-Pro Add-On pedals which I looked at in a separate review. The T150 wheel comes with a standard two pedal setup, accelerate (gas) and brake.

The quality of those pedals are nice. It’s a solid plastic that looks a little basic and they remind me of a sturdy kid’s toy. I know that sounds harsh, but I assure you it’s not. There is some grip to the base but the unit still slips occasionally on my wood floor. There just isn’t enough weight to it, but a small non-slip mat (or large rug) easily solves the minor niggle.

Each connection on the back of the steering wheel has a different socket so there is never a fear of mixing up the wires. Attaching the clamp to the underside of the wheel unit and a table takes a minute and fits securely. Even when the force-feedback motor is in full swing it remains squarely in place, more on that a little later. I was surprised at how sleek and refined the wheel unit is, but don’t let fool you, the motor inside is very powerful. It might be a good idea to dial it down a notch or two in some games.

After plugging in the T150 steering wheel to the PS4 and an electrical outlet, you need to then press the PlayStation button on the wheel to assign it to a user, otherwise it will not function.

There is a full complement of buttons, just as you get on the DualShock 4, albeit without the touch pad. You get two sequential metal gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel, instead of L1 and R1, and these have a nice click and spring feel.

L3 and R3 have not been forgotten and can be found tucked away on the dashboard. Just next to these are the PS3 to PS4 switch, the mode button, and the red power light. This shines brightly but is nestled in just the right place so that you don’t notice it unless you lean your head.

The main drive unit features a mixed belt-pulley and gears system, so you get a nice, smooth feel to the wheel. Depending on the game and setup, the force feedback is exceptionally good. The bumps and inclines in the road are felt through the vibrations and pull in the wheel. Slam into a barrier and feel the jolt, this has to be the most realistic feedback I have encountered through a game steering wheel.


I’ve since played every PlayStation 4 racing game I could get my hands on to see and feel the difference. Project Cars never really grabbed me as a fun simulation until I felt the difference when using the T150 wheel. Even the karts feel as they should now, the tight pull and low center of gravity have been mimicked brilliantly. Then I played Driveclub. I thought it played very well using the DualShock 4, but the wheel affords much tighter control and it has made me re-evaluate how I approach every turn and even my preferred cars.

With Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo and WRC 5, the wheel adds another layer of precision. Even my oldest daughter was able to adequately manoeuvre the rally car around most of the precarious bends without incident, a feat that she couldn’t manage with the controller. In fact, all of my family and friends who got their hands on the wheel were impressed and are now looking into buying one.

… an extremely solid build and nice feel …
The T150 even works well in combination with the DualShock 4 when playing Farming Simulator 15. Yes, you read that correctly. It is actually a nice option that brings a little fun to the casual plodding pace of the sim.

There are currently two versions of the T150 steering wheel available, both feature only cosmetic differences. I was given the Ferrari wheel that features the iconic emblem and signature red color on the rubber part of the wheel. There is also a PlayStation branded version. It just comes down to taste and price, as both are identical.

t150-ferrari-wheel-1-05 t150-playstation-wheel-1-01

I highly suggest downloading the updated firmware using the Thrustmaster updater app, found on the support page of the Thrustmaster site. Before plugging the wheel into the PC, remember to switch it to the PS3 setting. Updating the wheel should only take a minute.

The quality of this mid-range steering wheel is excellent as it has an extremely solid build and nice feel. I am very impressed with the force-feedback system and precision this wheel offers. Not only does it add to the immersion in most racing games, it has also given me a noticeable edge. I’ve got better lap times, cleaner racing lines, and most importantly had a bucket load of fun.

I have been extremely lucky to get such a fantastic sleek wheel, it has all the great features of a high-end model without the high price. I have the best of both worlds and my only criticism (if you can even call it that) is the plastic pedals. They do a perfectly fine job but lack the weight and authentic feel of a more expensive alternative.




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