SUPERBEAT: XONiC DLC Set 1 Impressions


So, the first set of DLC packs for SUPERBEAT XONiC dropped last week in North America and acttil was kind enough to send us a code for them, so I figured I’d write a quick piece about the packs. There are three DLC packs available right now: ~7’S REBIRTH~, GUILTY GEAR X XONIC, and ~MAGICAL BLAZE COLLECTION~. Each pack is $3.99 and comes with 3 songs.

The review above should give a good idea of my thoughts on the game itself, these DLC packs are just more content. Sadly, they don’t seem to add the songs to the individual modes and there are no new missions with the DLC songs. So the DLC songs are just for the Freestyle (free play) mode. Not that it matters too much, but worth mentioning. Below are impressions of each individual pack:

This is the pack focusing on 7 Sequence, a composer who contributed songs to the DJMAX series. I’ll list the songs below, along with the artist, genre (according to the game) and difficulty on 4 Trax, 6 Trax and 6 Trax FX, all in that order.

  • ANTIKYTHERA – 7 Sequence – Space DnB – 4/9/12
  • Rackin’ Gravity – 7 Sequence – PSY-SCHRANZ – 6/10/12
  • DINO – Cranky – Rave – 5/9/11

Overall, definitely the most difficult of the three packs with two of the three songs hitting the max difficulty (12) on 6 Trax FX mode. The pack is mostly heavy synth style electronica, especially ANTIKYTHERA and Rackin’ Gravity. DINO might be familiar to some players already, as it appeared in the phone/PS Mobile title Cytus, and feels like more of a trance inspired rave song. It’s a decent selection of songs, but obviously best for those who want to add some more difficulty to the game. These all have pretty crazy note charts, especially on 6FX.


As the name suggests, this pack adds more music from the Guilty Gear Xrd fighting game to Xonic. The three songs in this pack are:

  • Starry Story – Daisuke Ishiwatari – Bright Rock – 4/7/10
  • Jack-a-Dandy – Daisuke Ishiwatari – Stylish Funk – 5/8/11
  • Big Blast Sonic – Daisuke Ishiwatari – Rock Sonic – 6/9/12

I live the music in Guilty Gear so naturally I loved seeing these songs end up in the game. Starry Story was May’s theme in Xrd and is a fun and upbeat rock song to fit her character. Jack-a-Dandy was Slayer’s theme in Xrd and while still leaning on Daisuke’s love of electric guitar also pulls in some funk inspiration with a prominent sax melody for most of the song. Big Blast Sonic is the opening theme for the latest arcade version of Guilty Gear. It’s a pretty solid rock song with the same kind of grizzled vocals as in Heavy Day (already in the base game).

This is a fun pack. The note charts are a little more straightforward, when compared to the 7 Sequence one, but still enjoyable. Plus Guilty Gear music just rocks. Also, these three songs all use clips from Guilty Gear Xrd as the background animation, rather than the generic backgrounds used for most of the game.


Finally, another tie-in for Arc System Works games in this case two songs from Magical Beat and one song from BlazBlue Chronophantasm Extend. The three songs are:

  • MAGICAL GREETING – Kikuo – Electronica – 1/3/6
  • THE BEAUTIFUL MAGIC – Kikuo – Electronica – 3/5/6
  • BLUE desire – Tomohiro Kita – J-POP – 7/8/11

Definitely the easiest pack here, thanks to the two Magical Beat songs. Both are very electronica-pop and I’m pretty sure use a vocaloid-like vocal synthesizer for the lyrics. MAGICAL GREETING might be recognizable as the title theme for Magical Beat (a Vita/arcade competitive puzzle game) and THE BEAUTIFUL MAGIC is one of the stage songs. BLUE desire is the quintessential J-pop song and was used as the opening for BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend.

Like with the Guilty Gear pack, the songs here are charted to be pretty straight forward, especially the Magical Beat ones since they’re on the easy side. BLUE desire mixes it up a little with the harder difficulty but still isn’t as crazy of a note chart as some of the charts in the game. For background animation, both Magical Beat songs play a trailer for the game in the background (the same for both, so it loops slightly on the longer song) while BLUE desire has the opening movie from the game playing.


Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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