Last Week on #DailyPoll – 3/4/16


This is Last Week on DailyPoll: each weekday, I pose a question on our twitter account, @PSNation about video games or video game culture. You vote and then I compile the results here!! Last week was a grab bag of random questions but let’s see what you all said.

Another staff discussion question. We were talking about No Man’s Sky and got to wondering what the price was. There was a little bit of outrage that The Witness, a “simple indie game” was $40 before it launched yet the game seems to have sold well. So we were curious if people would also pay that for No Man’s Sky.

Looks like $40 was the sweet spot for a lot of voters. The price ended up being announced on Thursday as $60, which comes in a little bit above that but almost a quarter of the voters would be okay with paying that. Maybe some of the $40-ers will take the plunge too, after reading MJC’s glowing preview. And if $60 isn’t enough, there are always special editions for people like David:

Sometimes you start up a game and you just can’t stop. It’s so good that you just keep playing and playing and next thing you know, you’re at the credits. We’ve all been there. Or have we? Tuesday’s question aimed to find out.

Over 40% said they finished a 5+ hour game in a single sitting? I should stop being surprised by the pretty dedicated gamers we have following us but wow. I figured a lot of us have finished shorter games, things like Journey or what not, in single sittings but 5 hours is starting to be a pretty significant time commitment in it’s own right.

Sony recently announced that they will be closing the PlayStation store on the PSP at the end of March. After hearing Josh and Glenn discussing how many games they own on PSP, I figured it’d make for a good poll.

Looks like digital games on PSP were not too popular with our crew. The handhelds in general seem to get less love, based on the responses the polls often get. And even those who do play a lot on the handhelds might not have bought many games digitally, since the store was still in its infancy while the PSP was at its prime. Calvin Vesco only bought a single digital game on PSP!

This is the Palmer question. We all give him a hard time about buying limited edition games so the poll was to see if he’s in good company with our gang.

Looks like not. At least not at the rate he buys them. I’d imagine, and the results seem to corroborate, that most people just buy one or two here or there for their favorite series.

Another news based poll. The next PS4 firmware update, 3.50, will add, among other things, the ability to remote play through a PC or Mac. A few people on the forums said they were excited for this while on the other side of the spectrum, I can’t see myself using it when Vita remote play works fine. Sounds like a good spread to poll about!

Close results there but the people who see no need take the prize. I’d be curious if the people who answers that said so because of the Vita/PS TV options already available or if they just don’t care to use remote play. Kevin Shadows says he’ll use it, as long as it runs okay. And I can’t see it being any worse than on Vita.

That’s all for last week. Check in to our Twitter each day to vote in this week’s polls!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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