Last Week on #DailyPoll – 3/25/16


Welcome to Last Week on Daily Poll, where we take the polls of last week and compress them into a bite sized post. Last week on our Twitter, @PSNation, we had a grab-bag of random polls. Let’s see what you all said.

Being able to change PSN names has probably been the most requested feature since pretty early in the PS3’s life. But how many people would actually use that feature if it were finally added?

Close to an even split there, it would seem at least a good chunk of our audience would use this feature. I’ve seen some arguments for not adding it; mainly that it can be annoying to go into your friends list and not recognize people who have changed their name. But some people, such as DKB, really dislike their current name for a variety of reasons.

Last week, news hit that Sony was closing Evolution Studios, the developer responsible for a few racing game series on PlayStation platforms. As a goodbye, I figured I’d ask our Twitter followers which of Evolution’s IPs they liked the most.

Motorstorm seems to have stormed into the hearts of our fans at least. And a few of them responded wishing Evolution had had a chance to put a Motorstorm game on the PS4.

This one is a little silly but it’s been quite a while since Sony added the ability to rate games you’ve purchased on PSN. However, it would seem that a lot of games have a lot fewer ratings than purchases so not all that many people are using it. I was curious if this was because people didn’t know about it or just didn’t want to do it.

Not too surprising that our PlayStation focused community is a lot more aware of the rating and is more likely to use it. A few of those who don’t use it gave reasons, like not caring too much or buying a physical version or, in George Nash’s case, wishing PSN would let users write reviews.

This question was suggested by our writer John. PlayStation, and especially PS4, has been getting a lot of free-to-play games. Those games, of course, rely on players enjoying the game and eventually dropping some cash on it, sometimes even in excess of the normal $60 pricetag a game might command.

You people like your “maybe” answers. Some responses talking about liking different kinds of purchases or not having enjoyed any free-to-play games yet. The PS4 game Smite came up a few times as one that had convinced a few people to spend money.

Something I feel like I’ve been seeing more frequently recently are “dating” or friendship systems in games. Usually these are pretty simple: using a character a lot or answering questions properly. But sometimes they can lead to characters hooking up, letting the player pick their favorite character for their avatar to get together with.

Hmm, pretty big spread there but leaning a little more towards being in favor of these systems. If I had to guess, probably the kind of thing a lot of people would enjoy while playing the game but wouldn’t be a deal breaker when they’re trying to find a game to buy. One of our writers, Shawn, says:

That’s it for last week. This week the Daily Poll will be all about PlayStation Plus, so be sure to check out our Twitter account each day to vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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