Last Week on #DailyPoll – 4/22/16


Your regularly scheduled pollster, Andy, was unavailable last week, so I bring you Last Week on Daily Poll. This past week, I thought I would ask you all about…you! The questions weren’t exactly the deepest dive, but I was interested in some demographical information about our faithful community. I appreciate all of you that participated in my maiden voyage.

I started at the beginning for all of us. I was curious as to when you started playing video games. Video games as we know them are basically forty years old, and we have four choices in the poll answers, so I thought asking you about in which decade you began playing was a good starting point for the week.

The 1980s were the winner, beating out the 90s by a slight margin. This century came in third, while the 70s brought up the rear. Our friend Calvin Vesco I’m sure speaks for a lot of those that chose the 80s with his reply to the question:

Now that we have established a “when”, my next query was a “who”. I was curious as to who introduced this great hobby of ours to you. I know in my life, my dad bought us a Telestar machine in the late 70s and I never looked back. What say you?

In a relatively tight vote, “Parents” nudged out “Discovered on your own”, with “Other family member” close in third, and “Friends” in a distant last. While I don’t know which choice he made, RichardMoreton Jones had the reply that put a smile on my face:

In addition to being interested as to when in calendar terms you started gaming, I was curious as to what stage in your individual life you began playing.

While the overall winner didn’t surprise me, I was slightly taken aback by the large margin that “Grade/Middle School” had over the other choices. I guess we’re just about all lifers. In fact, there were a few replies similar to the one offered by Anna Marie Privitere that were a little earlier than the winner:

“Crazy young” indeed!

Being that this site is “PS Nation”, I’m fairly certain we all own PlayStation consoles of some sort. However, how far back does our Sony love go? Inquiring minds (or just me) want to know!

A landslide once again! The original PlayStation released over twenty years ago, and based on the previous demographical information gleaned during the week, it was unsurprisingly the majority’s first Sony home console experience. PS2, PS3 and PS4 came in second through fourth, respectively. I’m sure our friend Biddaman wasn’t alone in his PlayStation lamentation:

I deviated from the theme of the week on Friday, although it does relate to our gaming past. Bandai Namco released four beloved arcade games on the PlayStation 4 via the PSN this past week. My question was very basic: which of these games was your favorite?

Good ol’ Pac-Man, chewing up and spitting out the competition. Galaga, Dig Dug and Ms. Pac-Man got left in the dust.

Thanks for playing along with the substitute teacher. Andy should be back and as creative as always this week.

Written by John Payant

John Payant

PlayStation Nation editor and writer. Been playing games for over forty years. Maybe someday I’ll actually be good.

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