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Each day, a poll is posted to the PS Nation Twitter account, @PSNation, for anyone to vote on. Then, once a week, I compile all of those polls into an easy-to-digest post. So, here we are.

Another PS+ theme this week. Monday’s question asked how many of the ‘free’ games given out on PS+ people play. Each month there are six games given out total, but I figure most players don’t have the time to play them all, or simply don’t care about all six.

Far and away, a lot of those who responded only play one or two of the games. This doesn’t surprise me too much, as it seems like a lot of players use PS+ only as a supplement to their normal gaming habits. Playing one game a month helps get one’s money’s worth from the service too. Even just one game a month, at roughly ten dollars, means the equivalent of $120 for the year. Which is more than twice what the service costs. Or maybe it’s only one because of time…

Ever since Sony started requiring PS+ for online, the service has transitioned from “thing a few people praise immensely” to “thing a lot of people begrudgingly pay for.” In a way, it’s nice that there aren’t multiple tiers as it takes some confusion out of it, but I do wonder at times if there’s something better than a “one size fits all” approach. Enter possible idea one: potentially having a cheaper version of PS+ for those who just want online and don’t need the games.

I was rather surprised that this wasn’t higher on the ‘yes’ side. For all the complaining I see, it would seem that the slight majority do still want the games. That said, it’s not an insignificant chunk that would like to see a cheaper option more catered to them. Brad gives an interesting idea to maybe help fit the service to more people too:

Once again, the PS+ games for the coming month are announced so once again I gotta ask what people think of them. With at least one retail-sized game this month, Tropico 5, I thought it might skew one way. However using PSP games in the Vita slot, even a good one like God of War, does tend to grate on gamers.

For comparison I went back and looked at the poll for April (also embedded below), and it would seem that the reaction is largely the same. Some very slight adjustments in a few categories but the rankings and spread is awfully similar. Though, the “great” response got a few more this time, I guess from people like Fanlight:

A little bit of a demographics question, asking when people first signed up for PS+. It would seem like to me, there have been a few eras of PS+: one when it started, another when they added the instant game collection, and a final one when they started requiring it for PS4. The categories in this poll don’t exactly line up with that, but it’s close.

Based on the poll, it would seem that we have a lot of people who had the service even before they started offering free games. I figured that would be more of the tipping point but apparently not, at least in our community of twitter followers.

One, occasionally unsung, feature of PS+ is that users get extra discounts on digital games. Sometimes the sales are exclusive to them, other times they just get an extra discount. Anecdotally, I’ve heard of people who said they’ve saved more money through these sales than it cost them to get PS+. So I figured I’d ask our group how often they buy games on sale.

Somewhere between often and rarely, it would seem. I know personally, I’ve used it often. It’s enticing to see a game I’m marginally interested in get dropped down to 25% of its normal price and that can be enough to sway me. Seems I’m not entirely alone.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check Twitter daily to vote in the poll and respond to the post!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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