The Monthly Question: May 2016


The Dark Souls board game Kickstarter recently raised over 1 million in 24 hours. Someone is also working on a Bloodborne board game.

Hearthstone is raking in so much money that now Elder Scrolls has a digital collectible card game (CCG) entering beta call Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Tharsis is a dice game on the PS4 that I reviewed and had potential but was hindered by balancing issues. It makes sense there would be crossover between board games and video games, as the basic foundations of RPGs are based on the mechanics established in Dungeon & Dragons.

To shine a light the potential crossovers of board games and video games, I asked the PS Nation writers:

If you could have any board game based on a video game or any board game made into a video game what would it be?
Ben Palmer (PSN ID: CNPalmer)
This is an easy one for me. One of my favorite board games EVER was Axis & Allies from Milton Bradley, and part of their Gamemaster Series. It was essentially the same idea as Risk but with a lot more resource management, troop movements, and multiple weapon types.

It had elements of strategy, role playing, and a lot of dice rolls. It was extremely in-depth and took a whole morning to set up and the whole afternoon to play. The amount of pieces and detail was just extraordinary for a board game that came out in the early 80’s.

I think this game would easily be a great video game for both military enthusiasts and gamers who love turn-based strategy that is not in a fantasy or science fiction realm.

I think the entire Gamemaster catalog would make great video games seeing how there is such a spread of game type & content across all five of them. I’d definitely be a buyer and if they came in a collector’s edition, well SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Keith Dunn-Fernández (PSN ID: son_of_ottie)
monthly-question-may-ps-nationOkami could be a fun board game! Kind of like Dungeons & Dragons with a kind of Pictionary element. You have to draw your attacks.

I’d buy it!

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Rey Barrera (PSN ID: sindred)
On the topic of Dungeons & Dragons and with the advent of augmented reality, I would love to see a reinventing of the Dungeons & Dragons approach, where you could use your tablet and/or phone or even something like Hololens to look onto the physical map on the table and actually see mountains, trees, and your characters animating.

It would be an awesome mixture of tabletop and video games. You could tap your attack choices on the tablet and watch your character animate his attack on the virtual environment. You could even move your device closer to see the action up close.

The information of the attack would reflect on the other players’ tablets so everyone would be on the same page. The Dungeon Master could even add surprises on the go by simply dragging from his pool of monsters onto the virtual map, and it would show up on the players’ augmented screen. It would be a cool new way to experience table-top RPG-ing, and it would make designing campaigns more flexible.

Andy Richardson (PSN ID: andyscout)
Galaxy Truckers is one I’d like to see. Not necessarily a direct adaptation of the board game, which I understand they have on iOS already, but a video game that just takes the base level ideas from the game: building a spaceship and flying it across a treacherous galaxy.

The board game relies a lot on randomness, but it would be cool to give the player a little more action. Of course the video game would have to have the mechanic from the board game by which pieces of the ship fall off when it gets hit.

Shawn Hiers (PSN ID: Smag99)
monthly-question-may-ps-nation-v2-warhawkI would like to see a figurine game made from Warhawk. Like the X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight games, have figurines of Warhawk vehicles fight it out on a map in your dining room. This also allows new designs to be made just for this game and hopefully start the ball rolling for a new Warhawk game.

Damon Bullis (PSN ID: Zia74)
I would have a video game based on Zombicide. First of all it is a zombie game and second, it lends itself to either quick play (one mission) or campaign where you play several missions in a row building up your character.

Both local and online co-op would be needed. This game has been supported by the community, so some integrated support with new community missions would be nice. You could also expand upon the maps by making them 3D and incorporating stories to the different buildings.

Albert Chen (PSN ID: trioptical)
monthly-question-may-ps-nation-riskI would like someone to make another version of the board game, Risk, for digital platforms. Yeah, I know there are a bunch out there already, but I think they can push it further.

In my mind, the ultimate edition of video game Risk (Hypothetical Ultimate Risk or HUR from here on) would embrace some of the physicality of playing the original board game.

Ever played Risk without having to fiddle around with the little plastic people and cannons? Sure it’s faster, but it also seems less entertaining, less casual in a way too, since the “little pieces” part is part of the entertainment value for players who are less interested in the actual strategy and such of playing the game.

When you’ve got the gang over, HUR would of course have local multiplayer. Online HUR would support video chat that isn’t just a straight up game window with a little video chat overlay. It would be something better. Perhaps the players would have control over switching between looking at each other and the game board.

There would be support for private voice channels to do that alliance-ing thing people like to do, but video would stay active so the other players would be able to see people talking to each other even if they can’t hear them. Basically, bringing as much of the physical experience of playing Risk into a form that can be played online.

Also a cool thing HUR could do that’s uniquely digital – expand and mod with themed boards and pieces, much like all of the themed versions of Risk at the board game shop: Halo, StarCraft, uhhh Scooby Doo(?), but without the need to buy ever greater amounts of physical stuff.

Matt Engelbart (PSN ID: WithSwordAndGun)
I would love a turn-based Dungeons & Dragons video game. Basically, I want to play the board game on my PS4 with options for single player campaigns. Being a video game provides things that cannot happen when playing a board game.

It is much easier to get together with three other friends online than everyone having to go to someone’s house and having the board and pieces taking up your entire dining table.

The background could change based on the environment and when spells are cast there would be little effects. Using your imagination is overrated. Better yet, I would not have to worry about all the numbers and possibly forget about some bonus from my new boots.

There is so much lore, and so many campaigns in D&D that I would love to experience. Being able to play through them as video games simply makes that an easier task.

Your Turn
These are the board games that we want to see turned into video games, and board games based on video games. What games would you like to see make the media jump? The Monthly Question thread in the PS Nation forums.

Thanks as always to John Payant for editing and Chazz Harrington for setting up the pictures.


Written by Matt Engelbart

Matt Engelbart

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