Postal Coming to PS4 as Postal Redux

Postal Redux

Remember Postal? That controversial game that came out in 1997 that was later turned into an Uwe Boll movie? Well, it is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Q4 2016 as Postal Redux.

Postal Redux is an HD remaster of the classic iso-metric shooter that will also include new levels and a new mode called Rampage. The new levels include a Carnival themed level filled with rides and a Ferris wheel and a brand new final level will be added, but no details were given on that new level’s theme.

Rampage Mode is a new way to play Postal as it will reward players for kill streaks and grade them after each level with a grade and score to compare against their friends. This new mode hopes to add a competitive aspect to the franchise and add to the game’s replay value.

PC Players will be able to acquire Postal Redux on May 20th while console players will have to wait till an undisclosed date in Q4 2016.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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