This Summer, Super Mutant Alien Assault


In a world, where the last of humanity is on the run from aliens hellbent on their destruction, only one lowly security bot, possibly two, can stop them.

Some games are about the story, and other games are about the straight up action. Super Mutant Alien Assault is one of the latter, and Cybernate, the one man development studio out of Sydney, Australia responsible for the game, announced today that this 2D arcade style action game will be coming to PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and PC this summer.

Here’s a brief overview trailer to mark the occasion.


By the developer’s own admission, Super Mutant Alien Assault is inspired by arcade classics and “the seminal Super Crate Box by Vlambeer,” but features heavy randomization; everything from level layouts and objectives to enemies and vending machines which dish out a “countless combination of weapon[s], explosive[s], abilities, perks, moves and side-arms to unlock and master.”

So in theory, every time you take on the aliens while jammin` to the game’s dub-step soundtrack, alone or with a local co-op buddy, Super Mutant Alien Assault will always be showing you something new.

Also, you know how in other seminal classic, Dig Dug, the last enemy on the stage tries to run away? In Super Mutant Alien Assault, the radiation from the ship mutates the aliens into bigger, badder versions if you leave them alive for too long.

I guess that’s not really the same, but hey, now we know where the title of the game comes from.*

Just like Dig Dug.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is being published by Surprise Attack Games, also out of Australia, and is currently in Early Access on Steam. Stay tuned for an exact release date probably coming soon.

*conjecture on my part that the “Mutant” part refers to this game mechanic. I know that “Super” is because SMAA’s the sequel to Mutant Alien Assault, Chris Suffern’s first game which was made in Flash.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

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