Last Week on #DailyPoll – 6/3/16


Welcome to Last Week on Daily Poll. Daily Poll is the poll posted to the PS Nation twitter account, @PSNation, every weekday morning. This post compiles the results of last week’s polls into an easy to digest format. Last week was all about things people do while gaming. Also, no Monday poll because I forgot.

I kicked off with the one I figured would be most common. Some games don’t have good music, or people just feel like substituting their own. So I asked how often you listen to music (that’s not the stuff from in-game) while playing games.

Nearly an even split between those who do it sometimes and those who never do it. Though I don’t do it too often, I can understand doing it in particularly long games or MMOs. Still, for some people the game’s soundtrack is sacred. People like StormBringeR.

I had been planning to ask this anyway but several people answered to this effect on Tuesday’s poll. I’d personally put podcasts/audio books in a different class than music if just because they take a little more concentration.

Mostly a no, although the two yes answers make up 40% so not an insignificant amount. I split up the yes answers because I was curious if people who do listen to podcasts mute the game while doing so. Of those who listen to podcasts while playing, most look like they just listen to it over the in-game audio rather than going and muting the game. Thanks to those of you, like Private, who listen to PS Nation Podcast (or Side Quest :P) while gaming.

I feel like putting something on the TV, like a show or movie, takes things even a step farther. I personally have trouble splitting my attention like that but I’ve known people who almost refuse to not have something playing on another TV while they game.

Not quite as many folks as those who listen to music or podcasts with a 70-30 split this time. Not many people do it every time too. Gamers like apnufc maybe just have certain games they don’t need to or want to give quite as much attention to.

Put it all together and factor in every single distraction and you get Friday’s poll. I flipped it around but asked to be sweeping to cover everything from TV like before to more innocuous things like checking your phone while playing.

I know I usually try to do this but if my phone is somewhere in my view, I sometimes just can’t help checking it if I see the screen light up with a notification. Sounds like I’m not alone as not as many people made it up to the ‘always’ group. Still, I’m a little surprised that a third manage to always avoid distractions. I figured more people would be like Imphobia.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check the twitter account every day to vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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