Physical Version of Upcoming Free-to-Play Game Paragon in Stores Now

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While Epic’s new MOBA Paragon will eventually be free-to-play, right now the only way into Early Access is with a purchase between $20 and $80. A new path to immediate access was added this week with the release of the Paragon Essentials Edition available physically, on a disc, at retail for $59.99.

Here’s a launch trailer. Actually, I don’t think the game is launching yet. This is just a launch trailer for the retail release. It’s a release trailer.


You may be asking yourself, “isn’t Paragon going to free-to-play? What do I get for my $60 that others won’t eventually get for free?”

Handy list:

  • Instant Beta Access – Players can get in the game immediately.
  • 6,000 Paragon Coins (Worth $60) – In-game currency to spend on additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts and additional content that has not yet been announced!
  • Five Hero Master Challenges – Each Master Challenge immediately grants a Challenger skin and permanent XP boost, plus unlocks unique rewards as players play the game, including a taunt and the Master skin.
    • Includes Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, GRIM.exe and Riktor.
  • Five Skins, Including the Launch-Exclusive Wasteland Twinblast Skin – The Wasteland Twinblast skin is only available exclusively in the Essentials Edition. Players will also receive:
    • War Chief Grux
    • Energized Dekker
    • Autumn Fire Sparrow
    • Bronze Warden Riktor
  • Five Rep Boosts (Each Lasts For Three Wins) – Rep boosts speed up how quickly players earn Rep, which they can spend on card packs, Master Challenges and more.

For reference, a one day XP boost is currently 100 Paragon Coins, whereas a 30-day Rep boost (Reputation is Paragon’s completely in-game currency) costs 2000 Paragon Coins. Master Challenges for characters beyond those included are 1300 Coins each; however, Master Challenges can also be unlocked using Reputation. 75,000 Rep is the unlock fee though, so it’s free except for a somewhat significant investment of time.

So it’s not like you get nothing for your MSRP of $60.

You can take a look at the Essentials Edition included skins below.

Finally, note that while the Paragon Essentials Edition does come with a disc, the code packed in is actually what grants the purchaser the entitlement to early access, so renting Paragon or borrowing the disc from a friend to check the game out is still a no go.

Still, with summer proper fast approaching, the previously announced open beta of Paragon, which won’t require paid access, isn’t far off.

Let me know if you want a Paragon sherpa in the comments, and I’ll be happy to help out.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

A student of games, I play a bit of everything because I like to see what’s out there. Nothing better than first hand experience when it comes to knowing about games. Current game obsession: Anything MOBA (Paragon, Battleborn, Heroes of the Storm), except, ironically, the most popular ones, LoL and DOTA2.

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