E3 2016: Hands on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands


At a pre-E3 2016 event, I was able to get hands on time with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Wildlands is a military shooter set in a massive open world. Wildlands was first announced at E3 2015 but we only saw trailers and heard about concepts of what the game could be. Rest assured, based on what I got to play, they have come very close to these concepts.

Wildlands can be played from beginning to end in up to four player co-op. You play as an elite spec ops team sent deep into Bolivia. With a corrupted government and massive cartel problems your team is sent in to aid the country. There are four key gameplay mechanics that Wildlands focuses on. Movement-you have the ability to go into a mission anyway that you want. Engage-you can begin your engagements however you choose. Either guns blazing or your team slowly eliminates the threat one guy at a time. Solo or Co op-you can play this game alone and direct your team, or play with a group and really have an elite strike team. Finally, Anticipation-when you do one thing in the game it triggers something else that you may or may not have anticipated.

The mission that I got to play was about twenty minutes long and appeared to be a small part of a larger mission. My team consisted of three other media writers, One developer, who was the team leader, and another member of the development team as our coach. We spawned into an area of the map overlooking a small compound. Our objective was to capture and interrogate a cartel manager that had info on the location of more members. Our team leader had us use of air drone to get recon of the area. We needed to establish the threats and make sure we didn’t kill any civilians.

Once we had the area surveyed, we all lined up our targets and did a countdown so we all shot at same time. Once four enemies were downed, the entire compound went crazy. The Cartel manager that was the target took off and got into a car and sped out. As I ran down the hill to try to catch him before failing the mission, I was able to jump on a dirt bike and follow him down the road into a nearby gas station. While this is happening, my team is still working behind me to make sure reinforcements don’t cause anymore issues. Upon my arrival at the gas station where the Cartel manager was hiding, I was met with a small amount of resistance. I was able to make quick work of the three or four enemies.

Once inside the gas station, I grabbed the Cartel manager and begin the interrogation for more intel on other locations. During this interrogation my team had to cover me from the reinforcements that had arrived. Now while we were in the middle of fighting off the reinforcements, our coach made us aware that we were in a gas station and needed to be careful where we shot to not cause an explosion that could damage our teammates.

Once the interrogation was complete and the reinforcements defeated we headed to a helicopter to head to the location we got out of the interrogation. While flying in the helicopter you were able to see how truly large this map is. The area looked gorgeous as well as virtually endless. This is the biggest open world game Ubisoft has ever done.

Once the helicopter reached the next location we parachuted out of the helicopter and arrived at a much larger and more fortified compound. This compound had turret towers as well as alarms that could be sounded to send reinforcement aid. So again we had to get some really good recon on this compound and come up with a plan. We needed to decide who was needed to go down and when they needed to. We had to anticipate if we killed this guy what will the guy in the tower do. We weren’t as successful as we had planned and had to do a little running and gunning but were able to complete the mission and free the prisoners.

Then we got to look at the map of the entire overworld, as well as how many leaders we will be going up against. Again, this map is very large and appears to have difficulty levels for each area of the over world. I truly enjoyed the brief time that I was able to play Wildlands and look forward to teaming up with friends to play some missions in a large variety of ways.

Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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