E3 2016: The Long Journey Home Makes It’s Debut


Today Daedalic Entertainment Studio West has unveiled their newest title, The Long Journey Home. This space exploration RPG starts off with a mishap finding the crew on the other side of the galaxy. It’s up to you to get the crew home safely to Alpha Centauri.

The Long Journey Home is a Space Exploration RPG that combines the best of classic space adventures like Starflight and Star Control II with the replayability of modern roguelikes, in a procedurally generated, endlessly surprising living universe inspired by beloved modern Science Fiction shows like Farscape and Firefly.

Your goal: to find the way back to Earth. An accident during humanity’s first jump drive test has catapulted you and your crew to the other side of the galaxy, and the only way home is through. Lead your crew as you explore new worlds in search of allies and support. Face searing storms and deadly gravity as you plunder alien worlds for their secrets and technology. Befriend alien races and earn their trust. Keep your people alive.

Do whatever it takes to get home.


Explore a living, procedurally generated galaxy
Guide your crew through complex quests and moral dilemmas
Uncover ancient secrets in the ruins of distant worlds
Fight for survival in a dangerous universe
Chart your own course – every game, a new journey

The Long Journey Home is scheduled to release the second half of 2016, for the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

long journey home sc1

Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

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