E3 2016: Hands on With For Honor


For Honor was introduced at E3 2015 to much fanfare. Then the game went dark for the next year. I was able to get extensive hands on time with For Honor at a few Ubisoft events during E3 2016. This piece will only talk about two levels from the campaign.

The play session was set up with a member of the development team coaching me while progressing through the tutorial level and another level deeper in the campaign. The combat feels very heavy and sluggish, however this would be slightly expected based on the time frame you’re believed to be playing.

for honor sc2

The basic controls are using L2 to lock onto a target. Then you can either block or attack. Blocking is done by matching your target’s stance while holding L2. You have three choices: left, right and up. Your target will change their stance and you need to react. If you don’t react quickly enough you will miss the block. While holding L2, you can also attack, using R1 as a light attack and R2 as heavy attack. There are also enemy soldiers scattered throughout the level.

These can be taken care of by just using R1 without the locking function. Most of these soldiers will die with just one hit, and with the right timing you can chain some really cool kill animations together. Also, when you get into a large crowd of enemies you can hold R1 and R2 down to do a large spin attack that can damage multiple enemies. This move does, however, affect your stamina which will then need to recharge over time. While your stamina is low you will move even slower and have harder time swinging weapons. There are also health packs and speed boost items you pick up from the environment by clicking the d-pad in desired direction.

For honor sc1

While it is unclear what time frame For Honor takes place, what is very clear is that this game looks awesome. The environment is beautiful and very well fleshed out. I was fighting off an enemy faction that was trying to enter our city and the crumbling walls and fire being shot from catapults all ran very smooth.

There was a lot going on and the game didn’t stutter or struggle at all. The lighting was great. During the end boss fight of the level I played, it was raining and nightfall came during the fight. All the lighting effects were spot on as there was light by torches and some parts of the room were darker then others and the rain hitting off your thick armor looked so cool.

For Honor sc4

I am very interested in For Honor. I can’t wait to get my hands on with the alpha and beta later this year. Also I’m very excited to hear more about the time frame and what will be going on in the campaign. For Honor is scheduled to launch on February 14, 2017

Written by Dave Hunt

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