E3 2016: Furi Hands On Impressions


Furi is all about one-on-one combat that pits players against bosses and only bosses. From what I understand there will not be any throwaway enemies before a boss fight because every fight will be a boss fight. These boss battles will not feature oversized monsters or bombastic gods and demons it will be man vs. man. Of course these man sized bosses will have tricks up their sleeves, but it will be a duel between two people nonetheless.

Furi Screen 1

I tried one of these bosses at E3 and it was one hell of a battle that I was unable to conquer. Equipped with just a sword and a gun, the battle surprisingly started as a twin stick shooter. The enemy I face needed to be weakened before I could strike with my sword, so the first part of the fight was shooting and dodging. When I finally did enough damage with my gun I was able to go in for a strike and begin the hand to hand combat.

The combat controls are simple enough with a strike, dash and parry being the only actions needed for combat. The focus became a strategic fight with every strike and parry being important. The boss had the ability to fire projectiles, teleport and jump high distances around the level forcing me to change up my strategies often. We both had multiple life bars with the combat appearing to start over after the draining of a life bar. Meaning I had to do the twin stick shooter stuff every so often before I could do meaningful damage with the melee fighting.

The boss was tough and sometimes unpredictable, when I would slip into a hack and slash gameplay style I was punished for it. The A.I. came across rather difficult and it was able to predict my patterns if I did not switch up my playstyle from time to time.

Furi Screen 3

As mentioned before I was not able to defeat the boss and that was understandable because the game is about honing a skill. It can be very difficult to fully understand the nuances of a game during a twenty minute demo and while I was not getting destroyed I was clearly making mistakes. What I was able to take away from my time with Furi was the action flowed tremendously well and most importantly was fun. The fluidity of movement was smooth and my enjoyment came from the challenge of an intense duel.

The boss battle changed-up in different ways making for a multi-layered dynamic battle which I was told would be how every encounter in the game will go. Each boss will be different with special abilities which is essential since the game will only feature boss fights.

I do have some concerns about that aspect though because even with a solid combat system I have some doubts if a game so focused on one thing can extend itself enough to be an overall compelling experience. I was told that there will not be any extra weapons because the story does not allow for there to be a mass selection of weapons. Players will have to master their weapon and hone their skills as they progress through the story.

Furi Screen 2

Furi has the art style to standout with characters designed by Takashi Okazak of Afro Samurai fame and stylish combat to match. The foundation the game is built upon appeared solid, but the final product will have to speak for itself in determining if it was legs. Furi launches on July 5th for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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