E3 2016: The Surge Impressions


The Surge is a science fiction action role playing game in which a company named CREO attempted to clean up the world, but ended up causing more harm than good. Now their workers who happened to be equipped in exosuits have gone insane and it is up to the player to find out what went wrong.

Equipped in your own makeshift exosuit you must defend yourself against the insane workers of the CREO corporation. Players will have to scrap and explore the world in order to enhance their equipment and find out what went wrong.

The Surge Screen 2

The hands-off demo I was shown focused primarily on the combat which was described as a Darks Souls style combat with a twist. Because the main protagonist is always looking for new upgrades, players will have the ability to focus their attacks on specific enemy limbs, in hopes of using those limbs for themselves.

The combat is fast, but methodical with every move being important and learning enemy movements vital for success. During combat with a smaller enemy it was shown how limbs can be targeted with each limb having an icon over it that can be focused on during an encounter. The pacing was quick and hack n’ slash style combat will not take players very far. You will need to dodge, dash and parry your way to victory and hope your strikes were clean enough to scrap some parts off defeated enemies.

In one encounter the developer focused his attacks on the head of an enemy hacking multiple times before the head went flying off the body. Once the fight was over the developer went over to the disembodied head and collected it for future use.

The Surge Screen 3

The enemies we encountered all had similar suits to the one the main protagonist wore, but the individuals in the suits were clearly disturbed. Some of the character moved zombie like, but they were clearly humans just deformed and or crazy. Suits were clearly damaged and some NPCs limped around as if their suits were cobbled together from scraps. The various characters we were shown wore both creepy and intriguing leaving me the desire to find out more about the world built by Deck13.

Soon after that battle we were shown the base of operations where players are able upgrade their character using found loot including that head from the previous battle. The upgrade system fueled by loot appeared to be deep and we were not shown all of the possibilities available in our demo. Crafting upgrades and weapons will be a major factor in the gameplay and just seeing a small glimpse of the size of the crafting system was impressive.

From there the demo showed a glimpse of the story, but in an interesting idea the developer said that the cutscenes or bits of story will happen in the world and not pull the players away from the game. Instead of cutting to a cutscene the player can have the choice of watching the story unfold or move on. They hope this will keep players engrossed and make for a more living breathing world. This was demonstrated by some dropships attempting to land near the player and the player just ignoring it and moving on to the next portion of the demo, a boss battle.

The Surge Screen 1

This boss was significantly larger than the previous enemies shown and taking down this opponent was a multifaceted ordeal. In this battle the limb targeting was essential since it allowed the targeting of weak points. Weak points were shielded and shields needed to be taken out first. I was told that there were many ways to take down bigger enemies and those options would be based on individual player’s play styles.

This encounter seemed rather standard with the player targeting specific points till weaker glowing points were visible and destroyed. The fight was a large battle and was rather time consuming, but if there are many ways to take the boss out I’d be interested in seeing those options. A couple of neat moves were pulled off by the main protagonist and if paired with a deep crafting system I would hope there are a ton of different options available to players.

This Surge will look to challenge players in combat and reward them in loot and if the story comes together we could have a winner from Deck13. I am a sucker for a good loot based crafting system and with decent third person perspective action I am very much interested in playing The Surge when it comes out in 2017.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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