Last Week on #DailyPoll – 7/15/16


Last week on Daily Poll, the daily poll posted each weekday to our twitter @PSNation, was all about the four PlayStation generations. We pitted each of the PlayStation home consoles against one another in several categories to see who would come out on top.

Starting at the beginning of each console with the launch lineup. Launch games aren’t always the best. Being the first means having to figure out the new hardware on your own. Still, they’re also the first impression consumers have on the console.

Going by percentages, we have a double tie! At the top we have the PS4 and PS2. PS4’s launch had a pretty nice spread from great smaller games like Resogun to big hitters like Call of Duty. Similar with PS2’s launch which hit some franchises like Tekken.

The physical design of the box maybe isn’t as important as the games or other parts but it’s still nice to not have an ugly box sitting in one’s entertainment area. Of course several of the PlayStation consoles had redesigns that looked slightly different but they usually tried to at least mimic the design aesthetic of the predecessor.

Huge lead for the PS4, with fifty percent more votes than the PS2. In general I’d consider the PS2 and PS4 more angular and boxy while the PS3 and PS have more curves, so I guess people prefer the angular designs and in particular the sleek but sharp PS4. Makes you wonder what the Neo might look like…

More so than the physical design, the menu design is an important aspect of a console. Especially these days, where the player sees it more, having an elegant but visually impressive operating system menu is crucial.

Once again, PS4 running away with the lead. The PS3 finally gets a break here with a second place finish while the PS and PS2 tie for third. The PS and PS2 menus weren’t used very often, only when you needed to mess with a memory card or play a music CD, so I’m not too surprised they didn’t rank high. Some folks didn’t even remember it having one.

Back to what really matters: games. There’s obviously more to a console than the launch games so Thursday was all about the entire library.

PS2 puts up a W but PS4 and PS3 aren’t too far behind. I was a little surprised that the PS lagged so far behind but my guess would be that the people who would rate the PS over the PS3/PS4 also happen to be the people who rate the PS2 over the PS. Matt has the cop-out answer. I meant games specifically for the system but he’s not wrong that a backwards compatible PS3 gives a huge amount of games, three generations worth.

Finally, let’s just ask which one is best overall, hu?

PS4 back on top again by a huge margin. Folks seem really into their PS4, and the sales certainly seem to agree with that. PS2 hitting hard again as well while the PS3 and PS lag behind. Sony seems to have a big hit on their hands in the PS4, let’s hope they don’t throw away all the goodwill with a redesign.

That’s all for last week. Be sure to check out Twitter for more polls!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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