Last Week on #DailyPoll – 8/19/16


Last Week on Daily Poll is the post where I compile all of the polls posted to our Twitter account, @PSNation, into a single easy-to-read post. In honor of the Olympics, all of last week’s polls were about sports or sports games.

Starting off pretty basic, just asking about if the readers like sports games. Sports games are certainly popular, with many being renewed yearly, though there are many gamers who dislike sports games or sports in general. There are also a subset of people, who can be pretty vocal, who like sports but dislike video games because “why not just play the real thing?”

Our community seems to rate pretty high in sports, with over 60% being a fan of some sports games and only a quarter not being fans of any kinds of sports. The stereotype may be the video game nerd who despises sports, and though we seem to have some more hardcore video game followers, evidently that stereotype doesn’t apply.

The Olympics were what made me decide to do a week of sports related questions so I had to ask who had played any Olympic specific sports games. In general they’re less of sports games and more a collection of minigames vaguely themed around the sport they’re trying to mimic though.

Hmm, looks like only about one out of three are saying they have. I don’t think that’s too surprising. In recent years especially, the official Olympics video games seem to be those Mario and Sonic ones which obviously don’t appear on PlayStation consoles.

Okay, here’s one that’s not directly video game related. Ah well, sometimes I like to go just a little off video games to keep in the theme of the week. So, Summer or Winter Olympics?

Pretty big majority for the Summer Olympics here. Fans of the track and field and pool I guess? These Summer Olympics in Rio have certainly not been lacking in interesting moments or memes, based on the Twitter reactions to everything.

There seems to be a pretty big divide in sports games. Some games try to be ultra realistic, with physics and animation and everything trying to simulate the real world. Other games take the sport as an outline but allow for a lot more craziness. So which one did our readers prefer?

A slight edge for the simulation sports games but it was a pretty close poll. It seems like a lot of the more popular sports games these days, FIFA and Madden, tend to stick closer to the simulation side. But I have a feeling that arcadey sports games appeal more to non-sports fans.

Madden is arguably one of the biggest games in the US, at least based on their advertising and impact on social media. Madden seems to bring a lot of non-traditional gamers into the fold, although the stereotype exists that many of those gamers only play Madden. Anyway, let’s see who is planning to get the game this week.

I was a little surprised about this poll. Given how popular the series seems to be, and how we have a decent enough selection of sports fans, I wasn’t expecting only 20% to be getting the game. Anecdotally, some players seem to alternate, only picking up the yearly sports games every other year which is why I included that option. However that category only accounted for another 15% so almost 70% are completely uninterested in Madden.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check Twitter each weekday for a new poll!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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