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Product: Sumo Air
Release Date: 2016
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge International
Original MSRP: $99.99 **Currently on sale for $49.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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Audio Review:
The audio review for this product is available on Episode 4 of the Side Quest podcast.

Sumo reached out to us for a review of their new Sumo Air inflatable lounge chair and I gladly accepted since I don’t have a lot of room. The Sumo Air folds up for storage so it seemed ideal for someone like me with limited space.

The packaging is minimal. The chair comes wrapped up neatly in a nice bag with drawstring. After removing it from the bag, I took the chair outdoors to attempt to inflate it. There aren’t any detailed instructions except for a small card that comes attached to the chair. This only gives general instructions on how to inflate it. I have about thirty feet or so of space on the deck in my backyard that I was able to use.

Inflating the chair is pretty straightforward. You roll it out, open the left side, and swing it through the air until it’s mostly inflated. Then you open up the right side and do the same. If you’re lucky and have some wind to work with, the chair will inflate pretty easily. It took some practice, but I finally got it inflated enough to take it into the house.


I later tried to inflate it using a fan and it actually worked out well. So if you don’t have lots of room to swing the chair around and you have a strong fan it should work. I wish there was some built-in alternate way of inflating the chair without having to swing it around or use a box fan.

It seems like an oversight to create an inflatable chair that must be swung around to inflate it with no alternate way of doing so. It would have been nice if you could seal the chair up and use a portable pump to inflate it like the kind that’s used to inflate air mattresses for camping.

… pretty comfortable when fully inflated …
I had seen the chairs much earlier in a video and was very curious as to how difficult it would be to inflate them and how long they would stay inflated. The mechanism that’s used to close the chair doesn’t seem very sufficient for locking in the air. You need to capture enough air into the chair then quickly roll up the end and lock it in place with a strap.

We used it for a few hours and it seemed that it would slowly lose pressure within about an hour to an hour and a half. I couldn’t recommend this for long term use since you’ll have to re-inflate it periodically. I think it would have been more effective if there was some sort of velcro strap to keep the opening rolled up tightly.


Putting it away is pretty easy. Simply open up the ends, smooth the chair out on the floor to get all the air out, then fold it up. It fits right back into the storage bag just like it’s supposed to.

It’s pretty comfortable when fully inflated. It’s extremely light and easy to move around. If you’re using it in an outdoor setting I would probably secure the chair to the ground if I was not sitting on it. It does come with a strap and a metal loop which is most likely for securing it with a tent stake or something of that sort when outside.

… a pretty convenient thing to have for camping or concerts …
There are a few pockets on the side of the chair but I don’t think they’re very practical for holding anything other than a remote control or something very small with no sharp edges. There’s also a bottle opener on one end of the latches that could come in handy while camping.

The construction doesn’t seem to be very rugged so it’s probably a good idea to keep sharp objects such as keys or pets away from the chair. The construction is pretty simple, consisting of a fairly thick plastic lining that holds the air with an outer nylon-like material.

Editor’s Note:
The material is 300 Grade Ripstop Nylon which is highly resistant to rips and tears so it’s actually more rugged than it may appear to be.


Overall, the Sumo Air is a pretty unique idea that works well to a point. If you have limited space, I probably wouldn’t recommend this chair to you. The best use for it would probably be outdoor activities like concerts and poolside or even on the beach.

It can also be used as a floating chair in the pool but I was not able to test this out. I also wouldn’t recommend using it in a river or anywhere there would be anything sharp that could puncture it.

I would definitely not pay full MSRP for this chair. If I could get it on sale, I think it’s a pretty convenient thing to have for camping or concerts. Beyond that, it’s not very practical for home use.


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Written by Jason Honaker

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