Last Week on #DailyPoll – 8/26/16


Last week on Daily Poll is the weekly post where I compile daily polls posted to the PS Nation twitter account. The polls on @PSNation last week covered the PS+ price increase, PS4 slim, and thoughts on video game leaks and rumors.

The internet was ablaze with upset gamers on Monday after it came to light that PS+ was upping the price from $50 a year to $60 a year. Some people were defending it though so I was curious where the less vocal people stood.

Looks like a little over half are okay with the increase. Maybe not happy, no one likes paying more for the same thing, but still considering paying for the service. However, a pretty sizable chunk are at the bottom there. Sony certainly hasn’t made any new fans with this change.

The other big thing going around during the early part of the week were pictures/videos of a new PS4 model. Consensus seems to be, at this point, that the model is a slim PS4 model that somehow made it out to the hands of a consumer (as opposed to being a PS4 Neo). Of course its all speculation as Sony hasn’t said a thing yet but do we need a PS4 slim?

Well, it’s split up between two answers but the “yea’s” have it, but only slightly. As Enigma puts it pretty well, introducing a new slim model can be a pretty good thing to get newcomers on board. Especially if it includes a price drop of some kind.

Games have become a leaky ship as of late. Major announcements often seem to find their way onto internet forums before the official announcements. But is that a good thing? We get the news sooner but with an added veil of having to vet the authenticity of the leak and trepidation about the news. Plus a lack of flair or context that sometimes accompanies official announcements (ie at E3).

Looks like a vast preference for the official announcements. Official announcements have a lot of upside over leaks which leaks only seek to spoil. Plus, as Tony says, they tend to happen closer to release.

We’ve all seen those posts on gaming “news” sites. The ones that are more speculation than fact or that have dubious sources or that are 90% extrapolation from a single tweet. Should leaks and rumors be news worthy for a respectable gaming publication?

Looks like most are okay with leaks or rumors being news worthy, at least in certain cases. In situations of overwhelming evidence, such as the slim PS4, it’s more acceptable to report on it. But an announcement that comes from the perennial source of “my uncle who works at Nintendo” are the news stories I can’t get behind.

With the advent of social media, leaks seem more pervasive than ever. Sometimes they come from a respectable source but it is relatively easy to get a rumor going online based on rather shoddy or doctored evidence. So, how much effort do you put into confirming someone’s tweet about a ‘leak?’

Well, that’s all for this week. Check back on twitter each day for a new poll.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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