Lego Dimensions Reveals New Story and Fun Packs


Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has announced new Story and Fun Packs for Lego Dimensions. Going on year 2, Lego Dimensions promises to bring unique and fun franchises that you will love. First up is the Story Pack to the Lego Batman Movie which includes Batgirl and Robin Mini Figures. You will be able to participate in 6 new missions that pit you up against the Joker. Also with the story pack is a the chance to build the Bat-Computer which you can put on the Lego Dimensions Base.


Also announced is the Lego Batman Movie fun pack which comes with the Excalibur Batman and Bionic Steed. Next comes the Knight Rider Fun Pack that comes with a Michael Knight Mini Figure and K.I.T.T. Both the Fun Packs unlocks their perspective Adventure Worlds to provide even more entertainment. All 3 packs will be available February 10, 2017.

lego-dimensions-expansion-pack-batman-funpack lego-dimensions-expansion-pack-knightrider-funpack

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Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

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