Last Week on #DailyPoll – 9/23/16


Last week on Daily Poll is the post all about the polls posted each weekday to the @PSNation twitter account. Last week’s polls were about themes on PS4 and Vita, and Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion.

The first question asks about the PS4. Do you have a custom theme on your PS4? In the interest of not having a simple yes/no question, I’ve also broken out the yes by the few different ways of getting PS4 themes.

Looks like not many people are as interested in paying for a theme for their system, with free themes making up the biggest group of people. Overall though, almost eighty percent of the replies said they do use a theme of some kind so it seems that people do like to customize their PS4.

So, same question again, only this time about the Vita. I rearranged the answers a little bit as well, because Vita allows players to use any image on their system as a background. Not a full theme, as you can’t customize the icons without using premade themes, but it is an option.

Very interesting that Vita has much fewer theme users. Compared to the almost eighty percent on PS4, only about half of Vita owners are using a theme of some kind based on this poll. Those who are, look to be mostly using some of the free Vita themes available.

In keeping with the theme of customization, Wednesday asked how often players switch up their PSN avatars. Some players seem to switch often, whenever they have a new favorite game. Others I’ve seen almost never change it.

Very much skewed toward the lower end of the spectrum. I guess a lot of folks find one they like and don’t often change it. I often wonder just how much money companies make for all those avatars they put out but then again they probably don’t cost much to put out either.

Destiny Rise of Iron dropped last week and I couldn’t resist not asking at least a couple questions about it. First of course, is asking how many people are playing the new expansion. Again, to keep it from being just yes/no, I split up the no to allow for players who played previously to indicate how much they played.

Quite a few have played some form of Destiny and about a fifth are now playing the new expansion. What is interesting is the drop off for the Taken King answer. It would seem that players who stuck around and tried the Taken King, were much more likely to jump back into Rise of Iron.

Inspired by Destiny, Friday’s poll was about expansions. Do expansions being added to a game make you more likely to try the game, assuming you haven’t already? I thought this was an interesting question because I know I have two lines of thoughts: one is that a game probably won’t get an expansion unless it’s good but the other is that now I’m really far behind the players who started before me.

Well then. A ton more people find it less enticing to try a game that just got an expansion and only a few find it more. In the case of Destiny, it seems like the plan to eventually ursurp the base game with a “Destiny 2” might be a good plan. Even with the complete packages, I wouldn’t be surprised if each successive expansion has sold fewer and fewer copies.

That’s all for this week, check back in each weekday on twitter to vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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