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Last week on Daily Poll is the post all about the polls posted each weekday to the @PSNation twitter account. Last week’s polls were about themes on PS4 and Vita, and Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion.

Starting roughly around the time of the Xbox 360 and PS3, consoles really began to shift to online gaming. Sure, there were plenty of online games before that but I feel like that is when console games made a major push for playing online. But was this shift a good thing for games?

There are a few different ways of looking at this, from what I’ve seen online. One side is that online gaming has opened up multiplayer and made it easier to play both with friends and with random people.

No longer do you need to be sitting in the same room to play. But on the other side, some gamers think that online gaming has caused some games to shoehorn in online components or modes when they don’t otherwise need it. Looking at the poll, the second camp seems to be larger with people like Imphobia.

One unfortunate side effect of online gaming, in comparison to playing locally, is that lag becomes a factor. In fighting games, for example, it is possible to adopt “lag tactics” which is a style of playing that is not normally difficult to punish but which can take advantage of lag online. So, how much lag will players put up with before they quit?

Seems like most players will put up with at least a little bit of lag. Sometimes it’s better just to power through it and hope it gets better as Itoosh says. Especially because there is sometimes no other recourse, if the lag is inherent to the game or being caused by your own connection.

As usual, the PlayStation Plus games for next month were announced on the Wednesday before they are released and the poll asked about them. October’s games include the well-received Transformers game and the remake of Resident Evil, among other things. With PS+ getting a price increase, a lot of gamers were hoping Sony would step up their PS+ game. Did they?

The poll seems to indicate that gamers are generally okay with the line up. Resident Evil is a popular franchise and everyone seems to love Platinum Games so I wasn’t too surprised that people liked the lineup. As usual, for comparison here are what people thought of last month’s games.

Online multiplayer comes in a few broad camps, notably the distinction between cooperative multiplayer and competitive multiplayer. Many games include modes in both camps, for example Destiny offering both cooperative story missions and competitive versus modes.

Hmm, this one is nearly even any way you look at it. So it would seem that we have roughly even amounts of players who prefer cooperative, competitive and a mix of both. Cooperative and competitive both have their advantages. Personally, I find the latter to be more stressful, especially if there are stakes.

Finally, Friday ask about manners. A stereotype has emerged since online gaming’s rise of the trash-talking, underage, Red Bull chugging, “MLG Pro” online gamer. The kind of people who insult and harass the people they’re playing with online, either over voice chat or by sending messages. I was curious if our followers thought that online gamers had bad manners.

Consensus seems to be that there are some that do, but it’s maybe not widespread. The sides saying that the issue is pervasive and the side saying they think it’s only a select few are smaller but not insignificant. I have to wonder if the results are influenced by what games people play. As George Nash points out, his experience in co-op or competitive games differ and I wouldn’t be surprised if different game fanbases have different levels of toxicity.

That’s all for this week. Check Twitter each weekday for more polls.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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