Last Week on #DailyPoll – 10/7/16


Last week Daily Poll, the poll posted to the PS Nation Twitter account @PSNation, was all about comparisons. Very simple: thing A or thing B.

Starting off with one of the perennial gaming debates, the argument of PCs versus consoles. Each have their fans, though I’m sure most gamers will play on pretty much anything if the need arises. Still, we can’t have that middle ground, wishy-washy nonsense here. Which one!?

Well… we may have a bit of a biased crowd given these results. After all, we are a website dedicated to consoles, and a specific subset at that. Of course a few of the responses said “both” or “either” but when forced to make a choice it seems there’s a clear winner among our Twitter followers.

Not quite as old of a debate, but one that has been getting bigger over the past decade: phones versus handheld gaming devices. Now that many gamers carry around a multi-purpose device that gives a form of gaming, there is some debate to have here.

Still pretty one sided, again probably due in part to inherent bias in the sampling group. Although it is pretty interesting that our Twitter crew vote more for phones than for PC. In any case, it would seem that the advantages of handhelds, like one Sacalmet points out, outweigh the all-around-ness of phones for this group.

In an effort to stem the tide a little bit, I went with a poll that I didn’t think would be quite as lopsided as the previous two: console versus handheld. Again, I think many gamers like both but voting down the middle is no fun.

I guess I was wrong about this poll being less lopsided. But the people have spoken and they seem to be bigger fans of consoles than of handhelds. I guess the ability to unwind on the couch after work or school just trumps the portability of consoles for most people.

I wanted to do a console comparison but I knew we’d have bias, being a PlayStation site. Plus this gets some interesting data for favorite second choice, and it keeps the theme of “thing A or B” for the week. So win, win. The question is, XBox or Nintendo?

I was unsure which would win when I posted this. XBox is more similar to PlayStation than Nintendo, so I thought that might give it some edge. But on the other hand, being more similar means there’s more heated competition between the two. In then end, it would seem the latter played out more, as Nintendo took the poll.

Finally, Friday’s poll. Hopefully they don’t kill me for this poll… Though I admit, I’m kinda curious now if/how Josh will talk about this on the next podcast’s “Around PS Nation” section. But anyway, the poll is to chose between the two current podcast hosts, Glenn and Josh.

Well, it was pretty close compared to the previous polls but it would seem that being around longer has helped Glenn take this one. But we like them both, don’t we? Don’t we?
I should probably stop now before I end up fired. 😛

That’s all for this week, be sure to check Twitter for more polls!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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