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Each weekday morning, a poll is posted to the PS Nation twitter account, @PSNation, about video games or gaming culture for anyone to vote in. Those polls are then compiled into a weekly post. You are reading one of those posts! Last week’s polls were a random selection of questions.

I’ve played a lot of Guitar Hero/Rock Band in my day and one of the most frequent things people ask about it is “why play that when you can learn real guitar?” There are plenty of games out there that seek to mimic real world stuff: sports, instruments, etc. Meanwhile other games explore things that aren’t possible, like using magic or traveling the galaxy.

Perhaps I should have shed the “both” answer and forced people to chose. In any case, it would seem that gamers aren’t too picky about if their games could theoretically be something they could do outside the living room or not. Of those who picked a side, the fantasy games have a slight edge.

Gaming is a relatively low key activity. Outside of waggle controls or dancing games, most players are stationary on their couch while gaming. Still, people find ways to injure themselves. I recall an MLB player having to miss some baseball games at one point because he was hooked on Guitar Hero. So I asked if anyone else had hurt themselves playing games.

I was pretty surprised by how many people said yes. I purposely broke out the muscle aches part because I knew a lot of gamers would have felt that, but I didn’t think too many folks would have injured themselves in another way. Only John actually responded to the post so I’d be curious what other kinds of injuries people had. I’d imagine more hand injuries but with VR and motion controls, I’m sure there are at least a few other injuries.

As with every month, I’ve asked what people think of the next month’s PS+ lineup once it is announced. The monthly announcement is always a time of a lot of complaining and a lot of defending. It’s interesting to see where people come out on the lineup.

A resounding ‘meh’ once again. A few of the games are well regarded, such as Costume Quest, but clearly not enough to entice most people. As I often do I’ve included last month’s poll as a reference. October’s games were a lot more popular, probably because of Resident Evil. (Hey Podcaster. The tweet below was from last month and is included in this post for reference only. You don’t need to mention it on “Around PS Nation.” 😉 )

During the week, Bethesda announced that they would no longer be sending out review codes to ‘media’ as early as they had. Now, the media will only get the game a day in advance. Opinions varied a lot across the internet and I would have liked to have tried to get them in the poll, but I had to settle for a simpler question due to tweet/answer limits.

Over half don’t mind losing the reviews of Bethesda games. Whether this is due to blind trust in them or lack of caring about their games is unclear but both groups make up the majority. Those who do care, at least a little bit make up a little less than half though, so it seems Bethesda may be bothering some people with this decision.

Every once in a while, someone refers to the thing they use to play games as the “remote.” Personally, I’m not a fan of that name but hearing Glenn mention it on the podcast got me wondering how many people call it that. So here’s the poll for it.

Well that was nearly universal. Not a single person said “remote” and we only had a few for “pad.” I guess controller is just the standard now. Now if I can just get people to stop referring to their MMO characters as “toons…”

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back this week for something completely different! (Not really)

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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