Last Week on #DailyPoll – 11/11/16


Lots of stuff happened last week. But before that it was Extra Life so last week’s Daily Poll was about Extra Life. Here are the results of the polls posted to our twitter account last week. Enjoy!

The easiest Extra Life question to ask is: did you watch the stream? Glenn and Josh played for 24 hours, and they were far from the only ones streaming. I’m sure most people weren’t able to catch the whole thing, but perhaps able to at least pop in from time to time.

That’s a pretty good result. Over half watched at some Extra Life stream and a good percentage of those watched ours. Would have liked to have seen a lower percentage of those not watching but I understand. Kenny had a pretty good reason for not watching though.

The other obvious question is to ask who donated. Although it took an extra week, PS Nation did manage to break our goal of $12,000 and the team shattered their goal too.

While unfortunate, it seems that the majority hadn’t donated, at least yet. This is understandable, real life can present a lot of challenges and not everyone is able to help out financially. Still we thank everyone who was able to donate, on behalf of the kids who will be benefiting.

PS Nation puts in a lot of work to give back to those who donate to our team. The raffle is the main way, offering prizes to gamers who are able to help out. We’ve got some fantastic prizes this year and we were curious how much of a deal breaker the prizes were.

Well it looks like most of the donaters don’t consider it a big factor. After all, the campaign is #ForTheKids. But c’mon, I’m sure the chance to win a PS4 played at least a small part… Just a little? Glenn Mendoza offers another benefit of donating.

There are a lot of games Glenn and Josh could choose to stream. But it seems like Glenn likes to stream multiplayer games, ones he can play with the community. While Josh often ends up showing off single player games. So which do viewers prefer?

Slight edge to single player games, but this was a close category. While I forced people to make a decision for the poll, I’m sure it doesn’t matter much to most. A lot of people would watch either depending on what is on. Although it is nice that Glenn and Josh tend to differ so viewers have an option.

PS Nation managed to snag some pretty cool prizes this year. Among them are several PS4 covers signed by MLB players, a special statue from the movie Kubo and the Two String, several PS4 units, and of course the third seat on the podcast. Well that last one is more of a punishment than a prize but… oh hi Josh, no I didn’t say anything…

I thought one of the first two things would win, given the uniqueness. But I guess we’re all gamers so getting a PS4 is pretty enticing. And I guess some people do want to be on the podcast with Glenn and Josh as that was in second place. Crazy people… 😉

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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