Devolver Digital hit us up with a trifecta of announcements at PSX 2016 today. One announcement was for STRAFE coming in 2017.

Looking to deliver on an unprecedented amount of gore and mayhem, STRAFE will include randomly generated levels, monsters and secrets so terrifying they “dare you to play it twice”.

Checkout the announcement trailer here.


Read the press release below.

STRAFE- 2017
The game industry’s Most Anticipated Title 1995-2017 and also a recipient of several E3 award nominations, STRAFE has uncontainable randomly generated levels, enemies, secrets and monster closets so obscene and horrifying we dare you to play it twice. Pure mayhem awaits in every play through of this upcoming retro-modern masterpiece of butchery and over-the-top carnage. Players simply grab a gun, teleport into a unique level set, and paint the walls red, with ÜBER-GORE® technology that allows for ludicrously persistent gibs.

STRAFE is set to indiscriminately terminate everyone you know and love in early 2017, releasing on the PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and possibly Linux, if everyone would stop fucking asking about it.

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Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

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