Review: HIDEit PS4 Pro Wall Mount

Review: HIDEit PS4 Pro Wall Mount

Product: PS4 Pro Wall Mount
Release Date: February 11, 2017
Manufacturer: HIDEit
Original MSRP: $34.99
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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HIDEit has been around since 2008 when some frustrated parents couldn’t find a wall mount solution to their Wii problem and created one on their own. They’ve expanded dramatically since then, covering many consoles, cable boxes, media players, and more.

I liked the idea of moving my PS4 Pro off of the cabinet top it was on but I was definitely concerned about the wiring, especially with the VR and an external drive hooked up. Let’s go through it all together and see how it worked out.

The mount itself arrived within a few days of being shipped in a no-frills green box with the HIDEit logo. Inside, everything needed was shrinkwrapped together. It contained the mount, a handful of different size screws, general instructions, and specifics about the PS4 Pro mount.

I really appreciate the simplicity of it all. It looks like a basic rectangular bar but it’s made of 16-gauge cold rolled steel which is powder coated to prevent rust and keep it from scratching your components. It’s really solid and assuaged any worries I had about placing my PS4 Pro into it.

The instructions are boiled down to three simple steps and if you’re still a little unsure of anything there’s a link included to installation videos – but you probably won’t need them.

When deciding on where to mount it, you can use a stud finder and drill the screws directly into the stud or use the drywall anchors for a secure grip. Depending on where your TV is, you can even use the included screws to attach the mount and console directly to the back of the TV using the VESA mount standard.

I don’t have a whole lot of room on either side of the TV but placing it to the left and slightly behind seemed my best option. This would effectively hide the cables coming out of the back of the PS4 and the whole thing would disappear behind an open cabinet door of the nearby game shelves if I want to do that.

I knew where everything was behind the walls pretty well, having put them up a few years ago so I grabbed the stud finder and located the right spot for the mount. I then put a level on the top of it and used a pencil to mark the screw holes.

It was a simple matter of putting in two screws and the mount itself was done. There are a few extra steps if you’re not drilling into one of the studs but it’s all very straightforward.

Sliding the PS4 Pro into the mount is relatively easy as there is a lip on the top and bottom for stability but it was a little tricky getting the cables and the final anchor screw done. It would have been easier to attach the cables first but I had everything tied up behind the TV so I had to reach back there after the fact and get it all done.

The anchor screw that goes at the bottom of the unit is a little harder to deal with. There’s an opening on the right side of the Pro and Slim models which would then be the bottom if you stand them up on their side. This is called the Sony Secure Mounting Mechanism and it’s cleverly placed within the Circle in a grouping of the Triangle, Circle, Square, and Cross in between the “layers” of the PS4.

Lining that hole up while trying to get my head right up against the wall to see it was a bit difficult but I managed to get it done on the second try. Once that’s screwed in, everything is in place and entirely secure on the wall and it looks beautiful.

Now of course, there’s the matter of an external drive and really anything else you’d want or need to plug into the USB ports on the front of the PS4 ruining the clean lines and the aesthetics of it all, but I have a solution.

I picked up a pair of left and right angled USB extension cables on Amazon for $10. I used one of them to effectively run the cable down and around the bottom of the PS4 mostly hiding it from view.

When I checked out the HIDEit booth at E3 they were handing out their Universal Controller Wall Mounts which come in both black and white and retail for $8.99. This isn’t normally something I’d use since my PlayStation controllers tend to sit in chargers.

However, since I’m using the PowerA Charging stand for PS VR, there’s only room for one DualShock to be charging at any given time. Since that means I now have a second controller lying around I figured why not put this above the PS4 and see how it looks.

This one is obviously even easier to install than the one for the console. I quickly leveled it, marked the holes and screwed it into the wall. The mount is generic and can hold most modern controllers and I’m really happy with how it all goes together. I like it enough that I bought four more for my Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers that are currently sitting on top of those consoles.

You’d think that the wide range of products available at HIDEit would only appeal to a certain segment of the gaming community but they can really be a good solution for anybody with available wall space.

This is also a great idea if your consoles are locked away in a cabinet with closed doors. The heat buildup will kill them quickly but mounting them on the wall will allow for better venting and a longer lifespan. Plus it just flat out looks cool.




Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

Josh has been gaming since 1977 starting with the Atari 2600.
He currently owns 26 different consoles and 6 different handhelds (all hooked up and in working condition) including all consoles from the current generation.

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