PlayStation Plus December 2017 Update

Check out what games will be included in the December update for PlayStation Plus. Remember you can voice your opinions on these Plus games in the comments section below and in our forums.

PlayLink title That’s You! will also be available for those of you who haven’t picked it up, in select regions.

PlayStation VR

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
(PS Plus bonus – PS VR required)
Review – “reminds me of a carnival game.” – Dave

PlayStation 4

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

Review – “for those who missed Darksiders II on the PS3, it is worth experiencing” – Matt

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends

Store – “Face-off alongside or against Po, Tigress, Monkey, Tai Lung, Master Shifu, and all of your favorite Kung Fu Panda characters”

PlayStation 3

Xblaze Lost: Memories

Store – “XBlaze Lost: Memories, is a visual-novel game based in the BlazBlue universe and the sequel to XBlaze Code: Embryo. Play as the enigmatic pink-haired protagonist as she navigates through a weird and wondrous alternate reality”

Syberia Collection

Store – “Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handed what seems a fairly straightforward assignment. Little did she imagine when embarking on this task that her life would be turned upside down.”

PlayStation Vita

Forma 8
Cross-Buy PS4
Store – “A unique take on the proven Metroidvania action-adventure formula, with a striking visual style and a huge world to explore.”

Wanted Corp

Store – “A top-down action game in which you play as two intergalactic bounty hunters with different powers.”

So what do you think of this line-up, let us know in the comments below and in the forums.

Information taken from the EU and US PlayStation Blogs. Game list correct at time of posting, subject to change without notice.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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