Destiny 2: Warmind Announced

Last week on Bungie officially announced a release date for its second expansion in the Destiny 2 Universe. Its called Warmind. It will launch May 8, 2018 alongside the kickoff of Season 3.

A trailer will be shown on April 24th during a livestream hosted by Bungie. Bungie also gave an update to its development roadmap. Bungie uses this roadmap as a communication tool to its player base showing them what they can look forward to and giving realistic timetables for when certain features will hit the game. You can see the most recent roadmap image below.

This is the first hint we have gotten about the fall expansion. Which if history holds will be one of the larger expansions similar to The Taken King and Rise of Iron expansion that came to Destiny during its 3 year life cycle.

Bungie has been trying to communicate better with the player base and bring veteran players back. Is it working? Only time will truly tell.

Written by Dave Hunt

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