Jupiter and Mars Release on Earth Day!

Jupiter and Mars, the newest award-winning game from the eco-minded team at Tigertron, releases today in North America to coincide with Earth Day! The game will release April 23 in European and Asian territories.

Pulling from the press release:

A story about restoring life in the oceans, Jupiter and Mars follows the exploits of two bottlenose dolphins -Jupiter and Mars- who travel a post-mankind world at the request of an ancient race of whales known as ‘The Elders,’ to shut down the still-active machines of mankind, which are making the oceans uninhabitable for sea life. The award-winning futuristic adventure game comes from the mind of designer James Mielke, a game industry veteran whose past projects include Child of Eden and Lumines Electronic Symphony.

Jupiter & Mars takes players on an unforgettable journey through an ocean landscape that’s engulfed many of the Earth’s great cities from sea levels rising. “Inspired by some of our favorite games of the past, we’ve attempted to create an experience that’s incredibly fun yet poignant,” said Sam Kennedy, Executive Producer at Tigertron. “Jupiter & Mars is a true love letter to the oceans that players everywhere can now experience.”

In development for two years in partnership with creators in New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, and Tokyo, Jupiter & Mars is a neon-lit dream collaboration that brings together world-renowned environmental groups like SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation to the world of video games. These groups have provided unlockable content for players to view and learn more about the issues facing the oceans. Tigertron has also committed to donating a portion of game proceeds to ocean causes.

Will you be helping to save the oceans in Jupiter and Mars? Let’s have a talk about this, Earth Day, and more in the PS Nation Forums or on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

In other news:
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