PS Nation-Ep-625 Rage Against the Potato

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EA Access Coming to PS4
Ghostbusters Remaster Might Happen?
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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Hey guys, this is Joe. I can’t a platinum Clapton again. I guess also, maybe combo hot now. That was a pretty cool episode The yeah, I love the last episode the crap. You guys are flicking each other was awesome. So keep it up miss Josh, but see if you guys are starting to get your Rhythm. So just wanted to give you that feedback, and then as far as favorite sex scenes in a video game Far Cry 3, the only one that came to mind, and I’m sitting there playing at my living room with all of a sudden I get a full frontal of one of the gals, and I’m like, whoa, and luckily my kids weren’t in the room. So I probably turn that off and continued later. So anyways, keep up the good show. Hope you get lots of peanut butter and or sandwich p*** preferences and have a good day. Bye.

Joe aka Platinum aka Hot Combo

Twitter Questions/Comments

Why haven’t the gaming ppl remastered the scarface video game

Aside from no load times, better graphics, better a.i., etc. What are you hoping the PS5 improves, or what new experiences do you hope it brings?

Speaking of tacos, I’ve recently become introduced into the world of potato tacos. I love them! They’re even better than beef tacos. Have you tried them? Thoughts?

Tacos or sloppy joes ????

How are you going to cover E3 with just the 2 of you? I’ve really enjoyed PSNations E3 coverage over the past few years, just worried you’ll be doing too much and burn yourselves out

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Dave Hunt

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Helping people in games is the most fun I have ever had.

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